Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Week!

We finally got a chance to check our emails! Things are going great, I really am starting to love being at the MTC (weird I know). Getting dropped off at the curb was a pretty crazy experience, and I wondered what in the world I was getting myself into. Once I walked in the doors to the MTC though I felt the Spirit so strong and I knew that this was where I was supposed to be. My companion is Elder Calvert from Colorado, he is also going to be serving in Boston! He plays basketball for BYU, don't worry though he isn't like most BYU people. It is crazy how close we have become over this past week. It feels like we have known each other forever! We have four other Elders in our district who we share a room with. The room is supposed to hold four people, but they just decided to throw an extra bunk bed in there. So things are definitely cramped, but it is all good! All of the Elder's in our room are cool kids, we all get along really well and are seriously like best friends! The first day here was pretty crazy, once I got back to the residence and took off my white shirt I looked down at my collar and it was straight brown from sweating so bad, I will hate to see what they look like after these two years are over. On Thursday we had 4 and a half hours of personal study time and then 6 hours of classroom instruction, so it was definitely a LONG day. On Thursday night we met with the Branch Presidency and I ended up getting called as District Leader. There are 6 Elders and 6 Sisters in our District, and we all do pretty much everything together everyday. Anyways, I found out that I am related to the first counselor in our Branch Presidency. His name is Brother Pearce. I seriously have no idea what his first name is. But his mom was Maxine Law Pearce (I think). Brother Pearce said that she was Grandpa Pulsipher's cousin. I guess putting me in Brother Pearce's branch was just Grandpa's way of watching over me here at the MTC. The days here are long but I have learned SO much. Coming into the mission I thought I would just be going out and teaching the Gospel, something that I have known about my entire life. But I learned there is so much more to it than that! My testimony has grown so much, but I still have a long ways to go. We have had a few investigators here at the MTC that we have practiced teaching on. The first few lessons with them were kind of rough, we had no idea what we were doing. But they have gone a lot better now! On Sunday Elder Calvert and I were called to be Zone Leaders! Our zone has three districts, with 8 new sisters and 4 new elders who arrived here yesterday. It is a big responsibility to be responsible for 35 missionaries, but we will be good! Last night we had to meet with the new missionaries and go over the rules and stuff with them, they all thought that Elder Calvert and I had been here for a long time and were veterans here at the MTC. They couldn't believe it when we told them we had just barely hit our one week mark. It is seriously amazing how much you learn and grow in just one week here at the MTC. On Sunday night we had an awesome devotional where Brother Stephen B. Allen spoke. About ten minutes before he spoke he threw away the talk that he had prepared and just spoke by the Spirit, it was amazing and seemed like it was just what all of us missionaries needed to here. Then after that we got to watch Sister Frances Monson's funeral. Everyone keeps asking what I do on a normal day here, it's really nothing too exciting. We have about two hours of study time, 6 hours of classroom instruction, an hour of teaching investigators and then a few classes and devotionals mixed in there. The first few days here were reallllllyyyyy hard. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed but things are going so good now! There are a few times in the day when I start thinking about home and get a little homesick, but I just have to get back to work and then everything's fine! The days are starting to fly by, and us Elder's are wishing we had a few more days here together. We will be flying to Boston on Tuesday the 4th around 9:50 AM! Me and Elder Calvert will fly out together with around 17 sister missionaries! It's crazy how many Sisters are here. The day that I got to the MTC there were 375 Sisters that came and 350 Elders, it was the first time that there had been more Sisters than Elders arrive here. Thank you all so much for the packages and letters, they seriously help out so much. I really don't need anything, so don't worry about sending me packages or anything. They have plenty of food here at the MTC. It's not the greatest, but it gets the job done. The Dear Elder's and letters have been so nice to get! We can only check our emails on pday, but we can read Dear Elder's and letters every night, so if ya ever get a chance, feel free to send a Dear Elder whenever you want!
Elder Pulsipher

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm Doing Great!


Things are so crazy here! I haven’t even had a single free moment.  I’m writing this at 10:40, our lights are supposed to be out but I just wanted to write you and tell you I am doing great!  I love it here! So don’t worry about me at all.  We don’t get a p-day until next Thursday :(  My companion is a stud!  He is my age and plays basketball for BYU.  His name is Elder Calvert.  Way cool kid and a really hard worker.  I just got made District Leader, so there goes even more of my time! The Spirit is so strong here and I am learning so much!  The food is okay, not great but not terrible.  No ice cream machine though :/  Don’t send me any packages here…wait until I get out in the field.  Wish I could talk more but we really aren’t even supposed to be writing right now.  I will email a big long email on Thursday telling you all about what is happening.  I am doing great though, and life is good!  It is definitely REALLY hard, but I will be okay.  Pray for me! I love and miss you guys so much! Give Bryson a big hug from Bimby.  Sorry the handwriting was so bad, I was quite rushed if you can’t tell.  LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Pulsipher

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last day with the family.  A very nervous dinner at Pizza Factory.  And sad, but GOOD goodbyes!  Elder Kayd James Pulsipher reports to the Provo MTC!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Setting Apart

Tuesday night Kayd was set apart by his stake president and given a very nice blessing.  Goodbyes were given and there was not a dry eye around.

Saying goodbye to Colt.
Goodbyes to some great friends.  Last night at home.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Farewell Report

A beautiful Sunday surrounded by family and friends.
Kayd gave an awesome talk on living the gospel and following great examples such as our prophet.
Favorite quote by President Hinckley's father, "Forget yourself and go to work!"
Luncheon followed church services at Uncle Stan's shop.