Monday, August 19, 2013

Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Sabrina and Savong, and Bishop Hanson came along to meet them. We have finished up all of the lessons with them now, and have just been teaching them some of the Book of Mormon stories. On Tuesday we had Bishop talk to them a little about being baptized, and invited both of them to be baptized on September 22. They had already told us they wanted to get baptized, but since they are only 12 and 10 they had to get permission from their parents before, so we told them to talk it over with their parents and set up an appointment for Friday where we could come back. So on Friday we went back and found out that their parents had given them permission and said that it would alright for them to get baptized! This was pretty surprising to everyone because their dad has been very reluctant towards the church in the past. He isn't a member, and wouldn't  allow the missionaries in the past to even teach Sabrina and Savong. So we have worked really hard on building up some trust and a good relationship with their parents, and it looks like it paid off! So if all goes as planned, they will both be baptized on September 22!

They had the groundbreaking for the Hartford Connecticut temple this Saturday, and they broadcast it to all of the chapels in the region. I had never seen a groundbreaking ceremony before, so that was a pretty cool experience. We all got a nice surprise once the broadcast started when we saw that President Monson was there in Hartford to perform the groundbreaking ceremony! I guess he has a grandaughter that lives here in Connecticut with her family, and has some other family connections to the area. It was a nice surprise to be able to hear a short mesage from the Prophet. He has definitely aged lately, but he still got up there to dig the first bit of dirt up and was waving the shovel above his head and joking around with the crowd.

It is crazy to think that this transfer is already almost over! It has flown by. Saturday is T-Text day so we will find out who is going and who is staying. I am pretty sure I will be staying here in Waterford for at least another transfer, but you never know what could happen! We will have to wait and see.

This is a huge lighthouse out a ways off the coast of New London. The Island that you can see behind it is Fishers Island. Apparently it is a really ritzy island where a lot of rich people live for the summer. We actually have about 8-10 kids that come to our ward each Sunday that are working on Fishers Island for the summer. Most of them are from Idaho and Utah and are working as nannies, watersport instructors, lifeguards etc.
Me & Elder Batts on the Pier.

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