Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's A Small World

This week I had a really awesome experience. On Wednesday night we had just finished up with our last appointment and it was about time to head back home, but we decided to stop by and see a person from our Ward Directory who we hadn't met yet. We stopped and knocked on the door and started talking to the guy out on his porch. Come to find out, this guy grew up in Richmond, Utah and had spent a lot of time working out in Avon and Paradise. It was so cool to be able to talk to him about home and he had some good stories to tell. It was pretty cool to run into someone from Cache Valley, it is definitely a small world. Anyways we stood out on the porch and talked to this guy for over an hour, and his story would just rip your heart out. To make a long story short, he is a RM, was married and had ten kids, served in a bishopric and was living this great life. He ended up losing his job, sunk into depression and just couldn't get back on his feet. He ended up falling away from the church and asking for a divorce due to the depression. Anyways, we offered to come back on Saturday and do some service for him, and he accepted. We had a really good experience with him while working out in his yard and he really opened up to us and told us that he has been wanting to come back to the church for a while. He was so appreciative of our service, it even brought him to tears. On Sunday he didn't make it to church, but when we pulled up to the Stake Priesthood meeting on Sunday night he was there at the door waiting for us. Talking to him afterwards he told me that our act of service was the turning point for him, and convinced him that now was the time to come back to church. It just shows how far one little act of service can go with people. We can all look for those opportunities to serve others, you just never know what can come out of it!
We had a really good week this past week, we had around 15 lessons with investigators and with less actives in the ward. Many of our appointments had gone really well, and things were looking up. We were feeling like it had been a really good week, but then Sunday came and none of our investigators or the less actives that we had met with were at church. One of the hardest things about missionary work is recognizing that people do have their free agency. No matter how hard you try and no matter how well the lesson went with them, they can still ultimately choose whether they want to act on it. It's okay though, we just have to keep doing our part and never give up.

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