Monday, August 12, 2013

Zone Conference

The highlight of this week was probably Zone Conference, which was on Wednesday. It was held in Franklin, Mass. which is about a two hour drive from Waterford. It was a really interesting conference, with a lot of good training given. The main focus of the conference was still working with the members and becoming the fabric of the ward. It is REALLY difficult to find people to teach in New England on our own. The only way that works out here is to work through the members and have them introduce the Gospel to their friends and have them invite their friends themselves rather than us going and trying to contact them. Since our mission turned its focus towards member missionary work, the success has skyrocketed. Last year the mission averaged about 24 baptisms a month. The past two months we have had over 50 baptisms each month, so it really is working. In Waterford we have just been trying to get the members on board to start working with us, but it is a long process.

This coming Saturday we have a really cool thing happening. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Hartford Connecticut temple is going to be on Saturday morning, and they are broadcasting it to all of the local chapels so the locals can watch it. We have tried to turn it into a really big deal, because it is a great missionary opportunity. Hopefully the members will show up and bring some friends too. The Hartford Temple was announced a long time ago, but things didn't work out. So the people here have been waiting for this day for a long time, so they are pretty excited. We are all wondering why they have decided to build one here though. The New York City temple is 2 hours away and it is only at about 50 percent capacity right now. Also, the Boston temple is about 2 hours away and it is only at around 20 percent capacity. So the temples around here are really not getting used all that much, but they still decided to build one in Hartford which is right in the middle of those two other temples. We are thinking that it means that some pretty great things are about to happen here in the New England area. The Lord must have a reason for building so many temples, and He must know something that we don't. We are thinking that it means the Church is going to see some pretty large growth here in the area, and so we are pretty excited to be a part of it. It is an exciting time to be a missionary, especially in the Boston Mass. Mission.

We were driving by the beach on Saturday and had to make a quick stop...Elder Batts had never seen the ocean before coming to Waterford so he had to take some pictures!
Just a cool little swamp that we found on some back roads out in the woods on our way to a members house.

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