Monday, September 30, 2013

A Good Week in Waterford

Man it sure looks like Bryson got spoiled for his bday, looks like you guys had lots of fun! We had a pretty good week in Waterford also. The weather has been perfect here lately! Not too cold but not too warm either. The leaves are just starting to change colors so within the next week or two they should have some nice bright colors. I will be sure to take lots of pictures for you all.

Vickie was actually baptized on Wednesday of this past week. Her friend Morgan who introduced her to the Gospel and who baptized her was going to go out of town on Thursday, so they moved the baptism to Wednesday. All went well and she was confirmed a member this Sunday! Sovong and Sabrina were also confirmed this Sunday in Sacrament meeting. They do it a little differently back home, but out here we always try to have the baptism right after the 3 hour block, and then we wait and do the confirmation the following Sunday in Sacrament meeting. This just makes it so pretty much everyone in the Ward can be there to witness it and to support the new members who are joining the church.

We picked up a new investigator this week, his name is Tom. He is in the Coast Guard and is about 30 years old. His father passed away about 2 weeks ago, and so he was back home in Seattle last week for the funeral and to be with his family. His friend from back in Seattle who happens to be a Mormon was talking to him a few days after the funeral and they got into a conversation about the Gospel. The friend ended up teaching Tom the Plan of Salvation, and then gave him a Book of Mormon. The friend then contacted us and gave us Tom's information and then we got in touch with him once he was back in the area. So on Sunday we had our first lesson with him and it went pretty well! We didn't really get to teach very much because he had so many questions and so we kind of just answered his questions. We had our lesson at the church and then we gave him a tour of the building afterwards. But things went really well, he is looking pretty solid! He is coming to dinner with us at a members home tomorrow, and we will teach The Restoration then. He also committed to come to our Book of Mormon class that we hold each week, and then he ALSO committed to come and watch a session of General Conference with us this weekend! So we are pretty stoked for our man Tom right now! Our other investigators are plugging along, I will try and update more on them next time.

So transfer texts will be coming out this Saturday night! Everyone keeps telling me that I am gonna get transferred out of here, but I feel like I will be sticking around in Waterford longer. We have some really good things happening here and I am excited for the progress the ward is making. We will just have to wait and see what happens though. So P-day won't be until Wednesday this week, just so you all know!

You all keep asking for a tour of our apartment, so I finally took some pictures for you. Its nothing too exciting haha, but it is definitely a pretty nice apartment for missionaries. We live in a house that has been converted into 3 separate apartments. The house was actually built in the early 1700's but it was just remodeled about 2 years ago!
 Study Room
 Dining Room
The Washroom! We are lucky to have a washer and dryer in our apartment. The rest of the district comes to our place each week to do laundry to try and save money haha
Then we have this huge extra room in the apartment. We usually just use this for hanging out with the other Elders on pday.

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