Monday, September 9, 2013

Lessons Learned in Laundry

I guess I will start off with the bad news...we are going to have to push back Sabrina and Savong's baptismal date. We are having a struggle getting them out to church. They are reading their Book of Mormon everyday, we have taught them all of the lessons, and they REALLY want to get baptized, but they don't come to church. They are only 12 and 10, and they don't have a whole lot of support from home regarding their upcoming baptism, and so it makes it pretty difficult. Definitely makes me grateful that I had parents who would drag me to church each and every week! We sat down with the Ward Council on Sunday and came up with some ideas of things we can do this week to try and get them out to church. There is only so much we as missionaries can do to get them to come....Their church attendance is the only thing thats holding them back from being baptized, so hopefully we can get that straightened out and won't have to push their date back too far.

I was on exchanges with the Groton Elders and had an opportunity to teach Vickie again! Our main focus during the lesson was on the fact that we have a living prophet on the earth today, because thats something she hasn't been able to develop a testimony of so far. The lesson went really well! At one point we had to stop talking for a minute because Vickie was crying and couldn't even respond to us. The Spirit was that strong! Pretty cool stuff. After the lesson Vickie was talking about how she feels like Satan is starting to work on her really hard and is trying to prevent her from getting baptized, and then she asked me to give her a Priesthood blessing to help her withstand The Adversaries attempts to prevent her upcoming baptism. It was so cool that she was able to recognize by herself that it was Satan working on her without us having to point it out, and then also to see her faith in the power of the priesthood to ask for a blessing to help her through these roadblocks Satan has put in her way. At first we were pretty disappointed when we learned that we were going to have to turn Vickie's teachings over to the Groton Elders because we had already developed such a good relationship with her. But both us and the Groton Elders have been working together with Vickie and have all been helping her with her ongoing conversion. And Vickie still comes to our Book of Mormon class every Tuesday, so it is more of a joint teaching effort between the 2 companionships. So she is still on track to be baptized in two weeks!

Our other investigator Michael is doing great, he has came to church the past two weeks and has loved it. At first he felt a little out of place but we asked the ward to step it up and try and make him feel a little more welcome so hopefully they will all continue to fellowship him and make him feel like a part of the ward. This week is looking pretty promising, we have appointments with 3 potential investigators that we have been trying to meet with for a while, so hopefully those all go well and we can pick up a few more investigators.

I had some really bad luck with my clothes this week that helped me realize how much my lovely mother did for me back home haha. I had two pairs of slacks get ripped and left me with some major sewing projects. I got them stitched up with my handy little sewing kit. The repair jobs don't look great, but they will have to work. THEN when I was doing laundy this week I put my load of whites in and somehow managed to leave a brand new pen in one of my pockets of my white shirts. Yikes... that made quite the mess haha. Oh well, I guess you live and ya learn right? Have a great week, love you all!

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