Monday, September 23, 2013

Saints For All Seasons

Their whole family! Their grandma and mother are members, but their father is not a member. The whole family was so excited for Sovong and Sabrina, it was a really special day!

The baptism on Sunday went perfectly! Sovong and Sabrina have been fitting into the ward really well, Sovong has made friends with the other young men and Sabrina already had a few friends in primary, they seem to love coming to church now. For the past few weeks their grandma who has been inactive has been coming to church with them also. But the baptismal program was great, and they received a TON of support from the ward. The whole Relief Society room was jammed pack, standing room only. I baptized Sabrina and then Elder Batts baptized Sovong right after. It was Elder Batts' first baptism, so it was a special day all around! I am so happy for these two kids, and we are very grateful for the support that the Ward has given them throughout the past few weeks leading up to the baptism. We have taught Sovong and Sabrina for the past 3 months, and it is amazing to see how much their testimonies have grown. We asked Sabrina on Saturday why she wanted to be baptized, and she said "Well Jesus set the example for us and lived a perfect life, but He was still baptized, so that shows how much we need to be baptized. I just want to follow in Jesus footsteps." Pretty powerful answer from a 10 year old!

We have been a little worried about one of our investigators, Michael this past week. He has been M.I.A.! Haha for the past week and a half we have not been able to contact him  or find him at all! We were pretty sure he had just vanished, so we were pretty bummed about that. But then Sunday rolls around and Sacrament meeting is just about to start and our boy Michael comes walking in! Apparently his phone had ran out of minutes and so he was just going without a phone for the past week or so, and he had also been pretty sick last week. But anyways, we found Michael, so all is well!

I am definitely enjoying my mission so far. We have been making some great progress with some of the Less Actives in our ward (there is a lot of them!) It amazes me how much people open up to us missionaries. We are just these 19-20 year old guys that come walking into their home, we sit down and ask them a few questions and then all of a sudden they are pouring out their heart and souls to us. It is amazing how much people trust us, but it is great that they do! If they didn't open up like that we wouldn't be able to help them out with their struggles. But with all of the less actives we are working with, I have seen a pretty common theme. They all at some point or another had a trial placed in their life, and then things just started to snowball. Instead of remaining active in the Gospel and turning to the Lord to help them out with these trials, they ended up distancing themselves from both the Church and the Lord. So I definitely think the First Presidency message this month by Pres. Uchtdorf is applicable to us as Latter Day Saints. It is called Saints for all Seasons. In the article he talks about us remaining true and faithful to the Gospel not only in the bright summery seasons of our lives, but also in those dark gloomy seasons when our trials arise. During those trying times is when we need the Gospel the most in our lives, but for some reason that is when people tend to do the exact opposite and turn away from the Gospel. You should all check it out, its a good read! Love and miss you all! Take care!

P.S. Sister Weseman, the RS president helped me out big time and was able to get pretty much all of the ink out of them. She was pretty determined to get them out. She told me she would either get the ink out or end up burning a hole through the shirts with all the products she tried using. Luckily the ink came out haha!

My man "Joe" has left the building. This week we were pretty shocked to find out that he is gone! Last Monday he got on a flight and went back to where all of his family lives. We have talked to him a few times and he seems to be doing really well. He went back and is living with his brother right now, and is going to try and slowly repair everything that he ruined when he walked out on all of his family. I was pretty bummed that we didn't get a chance to say bye to him or anything, but its all good.

Saints for All Seasons, President Uchtdorf

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