Monday, November 25, 2013

A Great "Bump" Week!

Hellllllo! We have had a few really good days since I talked to you all on Wednesday. We haven't had another lesson with the Schriver family yet, so still no answer for their baptismal invite. We are pretty sure that the mom isn't quite ready to accept the invitation, but you never know! Their oldest son Mike is going to be baptized this Sunday, so we are still pretty excited about that. So on Friday we had to go to one of the Spanish Elder's investigators home to do a baptismal interview. While Elder Boone was doing the interview, I was sitting out on the couch just kind of waiting around. Then the investigators 10 year old daughter, who speaks English and not Spanish, came out and sat on the couch and was watching tv. I started talking to her and asked her if she was getting baptized too, and she was like "noooo?" And looked at me pretty weird haha. So I asked her why not, and she just said "Well I don't really know". So to make a long story short, I started teaching her right then and there and at the end of the lesson she agreed to be baptized on December 29! Her name is Michaela, and she has been coming to church with her mom since her mom began investigating the church. Throughout the lesson she kept asking me to teach her more and tell her more, she was loving it! When I taught her about the Holy Ghost she said "Wow...I want the Holy Ghost!!!" Haha it was pretty cool. Then every time we have seen her since she has asked us if we can teach her right then and there, she just wants to learn more about Jesus every chance she can get.

On Tuesdays we go to St. Johns in downtown Waterbury and serve food at a soup kitchen. When I was taking some food to this guy, another guy stopped me and was like "Heyyy Elder, I heard you guys had a baptism at your church the other day?" It caught me off guard...haha most people around here avoid us, not many people come up and start talking to us about the church. It turns out he is a family friend of the little girl Disney who was baptized last week, and had talked to one of her family members about it. So I sat there and talked to this guy Brian for a while, gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number to set up an appointment for later in the week. We had our first lesson with him yesterday afternoon at the church, and it went sooo well! Right when we sat down he said "Okay so tell me about this young boy Joseph Smith and the vision that he had, I have just got to hear this story." He was pumped to hear it haha. So we teach him the Restoration and talk quite a bit about Joseph Smith and then at the end of the lesson Brian says "I completely believe everything you Elders have taught me today." Pretty sweet right? So we invited him to be baptized on January 12 and he accepted! As I have told you guys, we don't do a lot of personal contacting in this mission, and work a lot with the members instead. But this week I really saw the Lord's hand in His work. He placed people in our paths who were ready to hear the Gospel, and I am so grateful we were able to take advantage of the opportunities and share the Gospel with these people.

I forgot to tell you in the last email about the Zone Conference we had last week. Elder Gifford Nielsen of the Seventy came and spoke to us and it was amazing! Definitely gave me the spiritual recharge that I needed. I was able to see all of the other Elders from my last district too, and talked to Elder Batts about the Waterford ward for a while. It sounds like they are all doing great still. I don't know if you all remember me telling you about Tom, he was the investigator we got a few weeks before I was transferred out of Waterford? Well anyways, he is going to be flying back to Seattle this weekend and is going to be baptized by his friend that introduced him to the Gospel. I was stoked when I heard about that. And Sovong was supposed to get the Priesthood this past week, the Nehila's sound like they are doing well too.

Just so you all know, we will definitely be well taken care of this Thanksgiving. We have 4 houses lined up that we are going to eat at. So we have 1 lunch, 2 dinners and then a dessert visit to end the night...and we even had a few more people invite us over that we had to turn down. So you can all stop worrying about me for the Holidays, I will be well fed and taken care of this Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving yourself, remember to be truly grateful for what our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. I know I take for granted the many things I have been given in this life. Love you all, take care!

We hit up the mall a few weeks ago and did some shopping. We thought we were looking pretty fresh...

This is where the fun happens on P-days and if we ever have a minute to spare. We have had some pretty intense Foosball games lately, the Spanish Elders have been kicking our butts though. Their soccer skills must help them out with Foosball too or something.
So it is tradition to burn a tie at your 6 month mark, a shirt at the year mark, slacks at 18 months and a whole suit at the end of your mission. Not sure if I will follow through on all of the rest but I decided I would do this one. My 6 month mark was on Friday, so that night I burnt a tie to celebrate an amazing 6 months!

**A few months ago I sent Elder Pulsipher an 'ugly' tie package.  I was teasing Elder Pulsipher and replied, "I sure hope that is not one of the 'ugly' ties I sent you!"  He laughed and said, "You caught me! I hope you don't mind!"  I really didn't. I was actually glad it was an ugly, dollar tie instead of his fancy nice ones.  Haha!  I had been struggling trying to think of what to send him for 'bump' day and never got a great package put together.  So I was so excited to know that he had something to celebrate his 'bump' day mark! Happy 6 months Elder Pulsipher!!! We love you!

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