Monday, November 4, 2013

Baptisms Coming!

Hello everyone!!! We had a really good week here in Waterbury, I am pretty pumped to tell you all about it. We extended three baptismal invites this week...and all 3 accepted! I will tell ya more about that in a second. The middle of this week was full of exchanges. On Wednesday we switched companions with the Spanish Elders that cover the Waterbury ward. I don't know if I told you all yet, but all four of us live together. So we didn't have to go far to make the exchange haha. But Elder Hermosilla came with me and we served in our English area for the day. I don't know if you remember, but Hermosilla was in my district my very first transfer in Waterford, so it is pretty cool to be back with him! He is working on his English, so I let him practice a lot in the lessons. Thursday we went on exchanges with the Southbury Elders who are also in our district. I went up to Southbury and got to see quite a bit of their area. Their area is right by Newtown, CT, where the school shooting took place. We drove through the town and saw the Sandy Hook school, kind of. They have it blocked off still and they are starting to tear it down. The whole town had a pretty eery feeling over it. Then on Friday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders who serve in Woodbridge, CT. I went to Woodbridge with Elder Carvalho from Brazil. It was a great exchange and I learned a lot from the day we spent together. It is always fun to go on exchanges, to see what other Elder's areas are like and to see what they are doing in their areas to have success.

So I told you guys about the Schriver family last week, well their oldest son, Mike, is going to be baptized on December 1! We sat down and talked to him after church on Sunday and invited him to set a date for his baptism, so that we would have something to work towards. Mike already considers himself Mormon, he already made it Facebook official I guess haha. But he just wanted to read more of the Book of Mormon before he was baptized. So we are going to try and work together so that he has read enough of it before Dec 1 and feels ready to be baptized. So the dad, and one son are already members, and now another one of their sons is getting baptized. We are hoping that Mikes decision to be baptized will be that final little push that his mother and rest of the family needed to make the decision for themselves to be baptized. 

On Monday night a member of our ward called us and you could tell that he was just super excited about something. Well he told us that his daughter was finally ready to take the missionary discussions and learn more about our religion. He had been waiting for this day for 17 years he said. His daughter's name is Belinda, she is married and has a little 5 year old named Jacob. So Belinda and Jacob came to church last week with her parents and she just really liked the church service and her son loved going to primary. She just felt like she was at the right place, and so that was what made her decide to take the missionary lessons. We had our first lesson with her and her husband this week and it went really well. Belinda also committed to be baptized on December 1. Her husband had to leave before the end of the lesson so we weren't able to invite him to be baptized also, but he seemed really interested throughout the lesson and so we are hoping to invite him to baptism also at our next lesson. 

Last week we picked up another new investigator that I forgot to tell you guys about! There is this kid named Matt who is 15, and was adopted by a family in the ward earlier this year. When they first adopted him he didn't want anything to do with the church, but he has slowly came around. He comes to church with them every week and goes to seminary every day, but he didn't want to be a member of it. Anyways, we started teaching him last week and things have gone really well! He is slightly autistic, but he is SUPER smart. This kid knows his scriptures and the Gospel really well. Anyways, he told us he wants to be sealed to his family and so we were like "you need to get baptized in order to be sealed to your family Matt!" And he agreed, so December 29 is the date! He wanted to end the year on a good note, and start 2014 off with a fresh start. 

Everyone keeps asking about Halloween, but we really couldn't do anything haha. We had to be in by 6 PM, unless we were having dinner at a members home. But then after we were done eating we had to go straight home. So we had dinner at a Spanish members home, and then that was it! Apparently they get pretty crazy on Halloween night out here in the ghetto, so Pres. Packard didn't want to take any chances I guess. But it was still a nice night and we had a really good dinner. It is pretty nice having a large Spanish group within our ward. The Spanish women sure know how to cook good food. Speaking of food, I had the most disgusting thing in the world the other day. I really have no idea what it was. We went to give a woman from the ward a blessing, and then after the blessing she offered us a drink, so we said sure! Well her husband is from Ecuador and so they brought up some drink that is popular over there around Halloween. Oh man it was terrible! It had strawberries, prunes and who knows what else in it. But it was warm for some reason and the fruit wasn't even cut up or blended or anything. It was all chunky and oh man, it was bad. She could see that we were struggling to get the chunks down I think so she brought us out some spoons, how nice of her haha. Before my mission I was a pretty picky eater, but I hadn't had any problems eating anything so far on the mission. This was the first thing I have actually had to force down, and man was it terrible. Anyways, hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Have a good week!

Me and the Spanish Elders.
 Me and my main man Ethan. We went to rake up some leaves for a member of our ward who has back problems and his son came out and helped us. Him and his little lawn mower helped out a lot!

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