Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keep On Pressing On!

This past week was a pretty rough one for us, it seemed like nothing could go our way. We had eleven appointments cancel on us throughout the week, so we had to do a lot of contacting unknown people from the ward directory and some former investigators. It seemed like every appointment we had cancelled on us though.  Some weeks are just like that though, not much that we can do about it. So throughout the week I was getting pretty frustrated, because nothing was working out the way we expected it to. We kept working hard each and every day though, no matter what happened. Then on our very last appointment for the week on Sunday night, I guess the Lord was blessing us for our diligence and for not giving up on the week....or maybe we just got lucky haha. But we had our very first appointment with a guy named Mark. He is the husband to a lady in the ward, and he is a Catholic of course. We were teaching him the Restoration and we decided to watch the movie with him. Well during the movie, right when it was done recounting the First Vision, we look over at Mark and he is crying! So I hurry and got up and paused the movie, and then we bore our testimonies of Joseph Smith and of the Restoration of Christ's church. It was an awesome lesson, and we are planning on extending a baptismal invitation to Mark this week. So even if things are really rough, and nothing is going your way, just keep on pressing on!

We had a pretty crazy experience this week with another new investigator that we picked up. On Wednesday we had our first lesson with a lady named Lisa. She is in her 30's and has two kids and is a single mom. Our lesson on Wednesday went pretty well, and so we set up an appointment to come back on Sunday. On Sunday we show up to our appointment and after like 1 minute of being in her house we realize she is just completely drunk out of her mind. She was GONE! Right when we sat down she came in and started smearing whipped cream all over our faces (not sure why exactly), and was basically throwing herself all over me, so Elder Boone and I look at each other and are like "We gotta get outta here!" So we get up to leave and are walking out the door, and Elder Boone goes out the door first. I am right behind him, but then Lisa grabs my bag and pulls me back in to her house and then shuts the door and locks Elder Boone outside on the porch. So I am stuck in the house with this crazy drunk lady and she won't let me go out, she is standing in front of the door and blocking it. Then she turns to me and says "I want to have another baby...Can we make a baby together?" Haha I about lost it right there. I kept trying to escape from this drunken lady's home, but she just wasn't allowing it. So finally I yell and get her 13 year old son's attention and tell him to come control his mother. He came in and had to restrain her while I opened the door and made my escape. So, our drunk investigator tried to rape me...pretty crazy!

So yesterday I got a phone call from the AP's. They said that they had just gotten out of a meeting with President Packard, and that my name had come up as becoming one of the new digital missionaries. So they were calling to see if it would be something I would be interested in doing.... I have told you all a little bit about the Digital Mission, but I don't know a whole lot about it myself. Basically there are a few missionaries that are on the Digital Mission team, and they run this website that we use to basically go and find people in our area online who are searching the internet for Gospel related topics. So these missionaries are serving online everyday from 10 AM to 4 PM, and then they go out and do normal proselyting. It would be a pretty cool experience, I would be serving right in Boston and would be working with some pretty interesting things online. I just got to Waterbury and am loving it here, and we have a lot of good things happening in the area right now, but I told them I would do whatever President wanted me to do. So I left it up to them to decide. Transfer Texts are coming this Saturday, so I guess we will see what they decide. Hope you all have a great week!

This is our homie Chris! We have been teaching him ever since I got here, he is the friend of some members in the ward. Chris has struggled with drug addictions his entire life, but has been trying lately to get his life in order. He realized that he needed God in his life to ever make it, and that is when he started meeting with us. He has made some HUGE progress so far, and now it is time for him to take the next step! He left this Wednesday for rehab in Bridgeport. So we passed along his information to the Elders there and they are going to keep teaching him.
The James Family! It was sooo nice to see a familiar face all the way out here on the East Coast! They were kind enough to take Elder Boone and I out to lunch at Nardelli's.
This has been our district for the transfer! Friday was our last district meeting of the transfer, because we have Zone Conference this week. Me, Elders Paulson, Fowler, Martinez, Hermosilla, and Boone.

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