Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a REAL good Thanksgiving here in Waterbury....lots of good people and lots of good food. We had lunch out at the Ward family's home. They are an older couple who have been in the ward for a looong time! Brother Ward was actually the first Branch President of the Waterbury Branch. Their son Nathan has a band that he goes on tour with each year, and so after we ate he gave us a sweet little private concert down in the basement. Then we hit up the Lopez house for some pie, and then for dinner we went to Sister DaSilva's home. Each year she always invites the missionaries over and then other people from the ward. She is a single lady, so she likes to invite people over. She is Brazilian...and man does she know how to cook. It was sooo good. I couldn't even force down desert at her house, I was just too full.

Saturday night we were able to go and help out with this little town's Christmas celebration. So the Schriver family that I have told you all about, they live in this little town of Thomaston. Each year on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Thomaston shuts down Main Street and throws a party to kick of Christmas. Well the Schrivers help out with a few things at the festivities and needed some volunteers, and so they asked us! We had a pretty good time and it was just a fun night.

Sunday was Mike Schrivers baptism! About 10 years ago the entire Schriver family decided to start coming to the Mormon church, and came for about 3 months before they decided to go back to the Catholic church...and Mike was the main reason they went back. He HATED being at the Mormon church, and would always just go and hide during Sunday School and the other classes. He would always just say "No, I am Catholic!" Haha but now the tables have turned and him and his younger brother are the ones trying to get the rest of his family to join our church. It was a pretty awesome experience because his younger brother Steven, was the one who baptized him. Steven was baptized himself just a few months ago, and now he has already baptized his brother. So now their father, and the two oldest sons are members...we are still working on the mother and the two younger kids :)

Soooo we had a crazy turn of events this week. You all remember my friend Lisa...the one who we had that very memorable experience with? She accepted a baptismal date for January 19! Haha we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday and we had an appointment with an investigator named Maria first thing in the morning. We had a recently returned missionary with us as our chaperone, and then Maria wasn't home when we got there. We were close to Lisa's home, and had to fill the time with something and so we decided to go see Lisa! Well she was sober this time and the lesson went awesome!!! We were teaching the Restoration again and were talking a lot about the Priesthood. She has been attending a Catholic church, and she really wanted her sons to be altar boys or something? We said something to the effect of "Ya altar boys are great and everything, but in our church your sons can hold the same Priesthood that Jesus Christ healed the sick, raised the dead with, etc. They can use that Priesthood to bless others, administer the Sacrament and baptize"....once she heard that it was game over haha. We still have A LOT of work to do with Lisa and her boys (mainly Lisa) but she really does want to follow Jesus Christ example and does want to make changes in her life. But we definitely have our work cut out for us! Love you all and have a good week!

Thanksgiving with the Ward family! Brother Ward, his son Nathan, and then Sister Ward's sister who lives in Bridgeport CT. Sister Ward refused to get in the picture, she hasn't let anyone take a picture of her for like the past 15 years! She says she is too old and wrinkly. She is still a beautiful woman...and a really good cook too!
Thanksgiving Dinner number 2! This was at Sister DaSilva's house, and man was it good. So it was us 4 Waterbury Elders, Sister DaSilva, and then the entire Manger family. The Manger's are members of the ward, but their one son Matt is one of our investigators who is getting baptized at the end of December, on the 29th. He was just adopted into their family about a year ago.

We were happy campers after eating at Sister DaSilva's.  Elder Slade, Hermosilla and me.
It is a bad picture but this is me with Matt Manger!
Mike's baptism on Sunday! We were trying to go for the serious look in the first one...just couldn't quite be serious for that long. Elder Boone, Steven Schriver, Mike Schriver, and me.

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