Monday, January 27, 2014

A Trip To Yale!

This week was a little bit slower than last week, but we still had a solid week of missionary work. The big snowstorm, I think they called it Chester, kind of slowed us down a bit. Everyone was cancelling our appointments because they heard the snow was coming and they didn't want us out on the roads trying to come and see them. At least they were looking out for us, but it kind of sucked getting cancelled on all day Tuesday. They were expecting like a foot of snow on Tuesday here but we didn't get hit too hard with this storm. We probably only had about 5 inches in Waterbury, but all the schools and everything were shut down still. Then of course after the snow storm came the bitter cold spell for the next few days, that part was by far the worst part. But everything is back to normal now, so all is well.

Last P-Day we went to New Haven and walked around Yale University's campus. The school was established in 1701 so their campus has some pretty sweet buildings on it. You could tell that everyone on the campus was a little bit classier than us haha we felt really under dressed. Even if we would have been in our proselyting clothes we still would have been under dressed I think. Those dang Yale people are just a little bit classier than us from out West haha. But after Yale we went to lunch at a place called Frank Pepe' was voted the Number 1 pizza place in all of America last year. There is usually at least an hour and a half wait to get in to that place, but we got there right when it opened for the day and only had to wait about 30 minutes. It was some pretty prime pizza, definitely worth the wait.

We have been teaching 2 new people the past week or two. One is an 18 year old girl named Madi, she is actually the sister of Brandon who was just baptized last week. Madi has had a ROUGH childhood, she is 18 and already has 2 of her own kids. Definitely not an ideal situation, but she is trying to make the best of it. She wants to provide her kids with a good home and family to grow up in, and she realizes she needs to make some changes in her life in order to do that. She has been progressing quite a bit and we will probably be extending a baptismal date to her tomorrow. The other person is a 15 year old girl from a part member family, her name is Erica. Erica's family is from Cape Verde but has been in CT for a while now. Erica almost got baptized about a year ago but then her family went on a 2 month vacation back to Cape Verde and that kind of put a halt on things for awhile. So we met her this week for the first time and we will see what happens there!

We had an awesome day at church on Sunday! Sacrament meeting was packed again, 142 people this time. We had 8 of our investigators there and then 7 more non members also. The ward is just killing it right now with inviting their friends to church and sharing the Gospel with them. Brandon was confirmed during Sacrament, and he asked me to do it so that was a really cool opportunity! Then we also had 4 people get the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! Two of the Schrivers, the father and then Mike who was just baptized in December were given the Priesthood by Steven, the 17 year old son and brother. Then Brandon and another recent convert named Luis both got the Priesthood as well! Lisa and her two kids made it to church again, so the baptism for the 16th is still looking good, but keep praying for them for sure. Lisa's biggest struggle was with the Word of Wisdom still. She has been a pretty heavy alcoholic for quite some time, but she is making huge improvements. She used to be drunk pretty much every single time we would go over there, but that has changed now. Since we got back in contact with her a few weeks ago and set a new baptismal date, she has been doing really well. In the past 2 weeks she has only slipped up once and had a beer. But on Sunday she committed to go these next 3 weeks leading up to her baptism without touching any alcohol, so lets hope she can do it!

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