Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Baptism!

Helloo!! Things are going great in Waterbury, we have been super busy the past few weeks and this week is looking pretty busy as well. But being busy is good when you are a missionary! On Sunday we had the baptism of Brandon Morales! He is a 14 year old son of a woman who was baptized in November. He has absolutely loved coming to church for the past month or so and has fit in really well with the Young Men of our ward. One of his friends from the church, Jimmy, was able to baptize him so that was a really neat experience to see. A lot of people wonder why for most of our baptisms it isn't us, the missionaries, baptizing the people and that is because we try really hard to get them to ask someone from the ward to baptize them. We as missionaries are moved around a lot, but the members of the ward stay fairly consistent. So when we have a member baptize our investigators then even when we leave there is still that person who baptized them here in the Ward. Of course we will baptize them if they want us to, but we generally try and get them to ask a friend from the ward to do it. But on Sunday I will be able to confirm Brandon a member of the church so that should be pretty cool.

Sundays are always the most stressful day for missionaries, especially at church. We work so hard all week to get our investigators and less active members to come out to church, and then on Sunday we kind of get to see if our hard work pays off I guess you could say. Well Sunday went really, really well for us! We had 7 of our investigators at church, and then another 7 Less Active members were there. The chapel was pretty much full, our goal is to have to open up the overflow seating one of these weeks haha and we almost made it. But some of those investigators that were there was Lisa and her kids! That was the first time they had made it out to church, so we were definitely pumped when they walked in the door. And it turns out that Lisa knows 2 members of the ward because she grew up with them and went to school with both of these ladies. So she already has 2 friends in the ward! So as of right now it is looking like her and her 2 kids will make it to their baptismal date of Feb 16, so keep them in your prayers!

This morning we had to get up waaayyyy too early, about 4:30, to go and teach the Seminary class from the ward. I was complaining a little bit about having to wake up and teach so early, but these kids wake up every single morning this early, which is pretty impressive. Their Seminary class starts at 5:30 every morning, and some of them even come from about 30 minutes away. They are pretty dedicated that is for sure. But the Youth of our ward are pretty awesome. They are all engaged in missionary work and are sharing the Gospel, and inviting all of their friends to church and to read the Book of Mormon, etc. It is pretty cool to see all of the work they are doing. They definitely help us out with a lot of our missionary efforts too. Hope you all have a great week, take care!

Elder Boone's birthday was this week so we celebrated the best we could!
We all went out to Buffalo Wild Wings that night and had a little party for Elder Boone.
Brandon's Baptism! Me, Brandon, Jimmy Jensen, and Elder Boone.
Us with all of the youth after we had taught Seminary class. They are a great group of kids and we have a lot of fun with them.

Pictures from last P-Day.  We had our Zone P-Day where we all got together and played basketball and volleyball all day.  It was good to get out and break a sweat and have some fun with all the other missionaries.

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