Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013

Wow I hope you all had as good as a Christmas as I did. I can't say how great it was to see and talk to all of you during the Skype session, definitely the best part of Christmas. On Christmas Eve we were invited to go over to the Schriver's home for dinner. Sister Schriver comes from a big Italian family, and they were nice enough to invite us over there to be a part of their party for the night. Dang those Italians sure know how to cook. We had sooo much food, and it was all sooo good. They had Stromboli, Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, baked shrimp, crab, stuffed crab, lobster, calamari and there is probably even more stuff that I am forgetting. It was a feast. I am very grateful for the people out here who include us into their families while we are serving far away from our own families.

Even though we are all out here away from our families, we tried to make the best of it with our mission family! On Christmas Eve after all of our dinner appointments our District got together at our place and did a gift exchange, we had drawn names a few weeks earlier. We had put a pretty low price limit on the gifts since we are all living like poor kids out here (haha jk we are fine) but we all still received some pretty sweet gifts. It was perfect. Our District this transfer has been awesome, we are all so close to one another and get along so well. But we just found out Saturday that our District is going to be shaken up a bit. Elder Paulson and Elder Hermosilla are both getting transferred. Elder Boone and I are staying together for another transfer in Waterbury. It is pretty crazy because Elder Boone will have been in Waterbury for over 9 months by the end of this transfer!

Christmas day we got up early and headed over to some members, The Aliceas, and watched their little 3 year old open his presents, and then they made us a nice pancake breakfast. Then we went around and made a few visits to some other members homes that had asked us to come over, and then went back to the Aliceas to Skype home. Like I said, definitely the best part of Christmas.

On Saturday we were asked to help out with a service project in New Milford CT. After the Hurricane Sandy, there were tons and tons of people homeless that were placed all throughout New England. Well a lot of them were placed in New Milford CT and were given permission to live in these drag on trailers for a year to help them get back on their feet. Well that year is up and now all of these people have to move out of these trailers. So we were asked to go and help them pack up their stuff and move it to their new locations. It was a pretty humbling experience to hear the stories about these people losing everything they owned and almost losing their lives to Sandy. I have been so blessed throughout my life, and I often forget that not everyone has been as fortunate as me.

Sunday we had the baptism of Matt Manger and it went perfect! Matt is a 15 year old that was adopted by a family in the ward about a year ago. The family didn't want to force him into joining the church or anything, and they let him take it at his own pace. He has been coming to church every week, goes to seminary every day...he is a champ. His dad was able to baptize him and it was pretty cool to see how happy his family was to see Matt make this choice. Matt's main motive behind getting baptized was that he wanted to be sealed to his family for eternity, and so a year from now they will be going through the temple and have Matt sealed to them! We should have at least a few more baptisms coming up in January, we are doing everything we can to make sure they actually happen. Have a Happy New Years!!!

A new blanket that I got in a package from the whole Reeder clan! Thank you guys so much, it is nice and cozy.  I took it and put it right on my bed once I opened it haha.
The District with all of our new presents from the exchange.  Don't mind the mess in the apartment..the Holidays were rough.  We got it cleaned up now though so it is all good!
My man Elder Slade drew my name for the gift exchange ad got me this filthy hoodie for Christmas.  It was a great find...I am not sure if it would get my mothers approval for style, but I like it!
I had drawn Elder Hermosilla's name, and if there is one thing you should know about him it is that he LOVES soda.  He is always saying how he just needs a glass of soda.  So I got him a Bulls hat and then loaded him up with some of his favorite sodas.  He was a happy camper.
Me with the one and only Matt.  He is a pretty sick kid, always is cracking jokes and what not.

Repping the Mormon Helping Hands service shirts while we were helping those people move.

Our last district picture before the transfers come.  Love all these guys and the friendships we have made.  We went for the very professional  and serious pose, didn't work out too well haha.  Elder Slade, Boone, Concha on back row.  Front row Elder Hermosilla, Me and Elder Paulson.

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