Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wow this week was pretty wild, lots of crazy things have happened since I talked to ya last. So I am sure you have all heard about the crazy weather that has been going on around Boston this past week, and so that kind of effected the missionary work quite a bit. On Wednesday we got a text from Sister Packard saying that all of the missionaries were going to be red-dotted (meaning no one could leave the apartment) all day Thursday because of the Blizzard that was coming. So all day Thursday and up until Friday afternoon we were all stuck in the apartment, things got pretty boring that's for sure. The storm really didn't hit Waterbury all that bad, but Boston got destroyed. They had about 27 inches of snow I think. The worst part was after the snow storm had passed, it all of a sudden just got FREEZING cold. Like -12 degrees, and then a killer wind to top things off. I am telling ya, the cold here is a different kind of cold than back home. It just eats at you all the way to the bones, it is pretty rough. I am now a regular scarf wearer, I never thought I would see the day that I would wear a scarf haha.

The work in our area has really been going well lately. As of two weeks ago we had 7 investigators with baptismal dates lined up, and all of them seemed to be progressing pretty well. It seems like everything is falling apart all of a sudden though. We don't know what is happening, but nothing is working out for us. Our one investigator Brian was supposed to get baptized January 12, but the dude has just disappeared off the face of the earth for the past 3 weeks. He is M.I.A. so needless to say, he won't be getting baptized anytime soon.

Another investigator Michaela was supposed to get baptized last week. She is the daughter of a woman who was just recently baptized. Michaela was doing really well, she loved learning from us, she loved church, she had an Illustrated Book of Mormon that she would read from every night, and she was so stoked to get baptized. Everything was good to go and all we had left was the baptismal interview and then everything fell apart with her too. Her father is a minister for another church, and he was fine with her getting baptized, but then all of a sudden at the last minute he changed his mind and won't allow her to be baptized. She is pretty crushed about it, and so are we. There really is nothing we can do as of right now.

Then there is Lisa and her two kids Nate and Javi. Nate and Javi are ready to be baptized, they are sick kids. But Lisa has still be struggling with the Word of Wisdom, so we had a lesson last week with her where we were just straight up with her and set up a game plan of how she was going to be able to live the Word of Wisdom. We went through and removed all the temptations from the house, we threw away all of her iced tea haha and she was pretty bugged by that so we bought some soda to replace it. But we were finally able to help her understand that this was something she needed to do not just so she could get baptized, but so she could be the mother for her kids that they need. It was really a pretty sweet lesson. But then this past week, she just hasn't been answering her phone or texting us back. On Friday night we went over because we usually always go over on Friday nights, and so we go and knock on the door. She asks who it is, so we say "its the missionaries" she looks out the curtain, and then turns around and walks away. We just stood there on the porch not knowing what to do really. So something is going on with her that's making her avoid us. We aren't sure if someone is telling her false things about us that has gotten her worried (cuz that happened in the past with her) or maybe she is just struggling with the Word of Wisdom and is embarrassed we don't really know. So their date is for January 19 but as of right now its not looking too good.

So yeah this week was pretty rough. We had such great things happening and now it seems like all of that is falling apart. I have been pretty bummed about it, but there is only so much we can do as missionaries. There is obviously something the Lord wants us to learn from this, as there is with every situation in life. I am still trying to figure out what I am supposed to learn from this one though. Pretty tough, but hopefully you all had a better week than us! Love you all and take care!

New Year's Eve we had to be in by 7 and so we just figured we might as well all spend it together rather than sitting in our apartments alone.  So everyone came over to our place and we played some foosball and a few card games and had pizza.  Nothing too exciting really, but we made the best of it.
This week I had to say goodbye to my man Elder Hermosilla, he got transferred up to Boston.  I am sure I will see him again before he heads home in a few months, but he's one of the closest friends I have made on my mission so far.  In Waterford, my first area, Hermosilla was serving in the same ward but with the Spanish people.  Then we both got transferred to Waterbury.  So I have been serving around him for pretty much my whole mission and the past 2 transfers we have been roommates.  He is a hilarious kid, we are trying to convince him to come to Utah for college, so we will see.

Hermosilla is from Chile...and he loves his country haha. So in his honor we all got by the Chilean flag, put on his Chilean soccer jerseys and took a picture of it.  He was in heaven.  He had been asking us to do this for the past few months, so we finally did it his last night here.
With the snow storm coming and then the freezing weather, we decided to get some new beanies to stay warm.  The new guy on the left is Elder Pennington, he is replacing Elder Hermosilla.  He is coming straight from the MTC!  He is originally from Oregon.  My beanie is a Hartford Whalers one, it's Connecticut's old hockey team that no longer exists...I was pretty pumped with my purchase.

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