Monday, January 13, 2014

We NEED Thee Every Hour!

This week has definitely been a lot better than last week. I am not gonna lie, I was pretty frustrated with the way things were going...but all is well now! We had a really good day at church yesterday, the chapel was packed, and 8 of the people there were non members so that was exciting. It is always a good feeling to see all the seats full in the chapel. Sunday after church we went to the Southbury ward to watch a baptism. The Southbury Elders are the other Elders in our district and their ward has really been struggling lately. This baptism was their first convert baptism in over a year, so it was a pretty big deal! They made a pretty big deal out of it, it was fun to be a part of.

We have been teaching this 14 year old kid named Brandon for a few weeks now, and things have been going really well with him, he is just killing it right now! It's like he is soaking up everything we are teaching him. He even got this nice suit to wear to church, has a nice white shirt, he is just loving the whole church experience. Last week we extended a baptismal date to him for January 26 and he got this weird look on his face and didn't really respond, so I asked him what was up? Then he went on to say that the 26th was too far away, and he asked if we could do it any sooner! Sooo he is going to be baptized this Sunday, and one of his good friends that he has made in the ward, a 16 year old is going to be baptizing him. It has been so cool to see Brandon progress. He has been coming to church for about a month now and it has been great to see him change as a person, just the way he acts, the things he says. You can really see the Gospel changing him for the good. Last time we were there he was even asking us questions about serving a mission and what its like and was saying that is something he wants to do! He did say he wasn't sure if he could leave his family behind for 2 years, but that he really wanted to serve a mission. He is legit!

We had a breakthrough with Lisa and her kids last night, we finally got back inside her home! She has been avoiding us it seems like for the past two weeks, and we had no idea why. I guess a friend of hers had told her some negative things about Mormons and all of these lies, so that is the main reason she had been avoiding us. But in these past two weeks that she has been avoiding us I guess A LOT of things have gone wrong in her life. Pretty much everything has fallen apart and she is just pretty miserable with life right now. But when we were talking to her last night she said something pretty sweet. She said, "God is definitely trying to work with me, to speak to me but I just haven't been listening. Ever since I stopped letting you guys in and talking with you guys everything has gone wrong in my life. When I was meeting with you guys and trying to make these changes in my life, things were going well. God is telling me that I NEED to keep learning from you guys, and so I need to start listening." Wow I was so stoked when she said that, because we have seen that all along and we can tell people that all we want, but when they realize for themselves that they need the Gospel, that is when the changes start taking place. The three of them were supposed to be baptized this next Sunday but we decided to move it back a little ways so that we can get things back on track and help them be as ready as possible.

It was pretty interesting though the way things worked out with Lisa. We had had pretty much zero contact with her for the past two weeks. She wouldn't answer her door, she wouldn't answer the phone, it was pretty bad. I really didn't know what else we could do, what more we could do. So I had been praying really hard for a miracle to happen with Lisa, because I felt like it was just out of our reach and there wasn't anything more we could do. When there isn't anything else we can do though, there is always more that Heavenly Father can do. So I had been praying like crazy and then Sunday I decided to fast for Lisa to have a change of heart and to get back in contact with us. Then what do ya know, we are in the middle of a lesson at a members home at about 5 on Sunday, and Lisa calls us crying and asks if we can come over and visit with her as soon as possible, I was pumped! So Heavenly Father definitely hears and listens to our prayers, and fasting truly does work. Just remember that when you are stuck at a point in life where you feel like you have done all you can do, like you can't go any further, turn it over to our Heavenly Father and see what else He can do for us. He will always deliver! Have a great week, love you all!

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  1. Kade, it is good the new year is shaping up to be good. Tough times made the good times sweeter.
    I was reading the intro to Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith. We are studying him this year in Relief Society. Talk about tough times. He lost 3 wives, lost a son in World War and went on a mission after being married less than a year. He was gone for 2 years. On his mission he never was able to teach a lesson or baptize anyone!!! When he returned home he and his bride had 2 children and then less than 5 years after marriage, his sweetheart died.
    I am convinced that all our trials and challenges give us the opportunity to work on becoming who Heavenly Fathers knows we can be; also proves our obedience and trust in Him. It also makes us more compassionate to others.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    Linda Danielson