Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy & Exciting!

This past week was pretty busy, with lots of exciting things that happened. So on Thursday we had Zone Conference that we had to drive up near Hartford for. Zone Conferences are always a lot of fun because you get to see so many of the missionaries that you have served with or around in the past. I was able to see my MTC comp Elder Calvert and talked to him for a while during lunch. He is doing really well and is actually in Ashford, CT now, it is right by my last area Waterford. But at Zone Conference we received some awesome training from President Packard and his counselor President Haight, and also the AP's. This Zone Conference was all about staying busy and using our time effectively. They gave us some pretty good ideas to help us be more effective and Elder Morgan and I have already started working on implementing them into Waterbury.

This week we picked up 5 new investigators!!! That is a really good week for us. 3 of the new investigators come from this family that we started teaching this week. It is a dad, Angel, his wife Lisette and then they have 3 little girls, but only one of the girls is above 8. But anyways Lisette went on and requested a free copy of the Bible, and so a few days later we got a message with her name and address on it. So we stopped by like 4 times earlier in the week and just had zero luck, and couldn't get a chance to talk to them. They were always just walking out the door or had already left or had company over, we just couldn't catch a break. But they kept telling us to come back another time so that is what we did. Finally on Friday night we were able to have a lesson with them and we taught the Restoration and it just went perfectly! The Spirit was so strong in that house and they were all just soaking up the entire lesson. They had never heard of our church or of the Book of Mormon, but they loved the idea of the Book of Mormon and were pretty stoked to read it after we left. You never know how these things will end up but as of right now they look pretty promising! They don't have a car to get to church though so that will be an issue, I swear nobody in Waterbury has a is crazy!

Saturday one of the AP's came with Elder Morgan and I for the entire day, just to check out Waterbury and to see how things were going. Elder Kilgore was the AP that came with us, he is a pretty chill guy and we had lots of fun that day. We had a really good day and had some pretty awesome lessons. We had dinner at a members home, and this family is working really hard to share the Gospel. They have a neighbor who is the foreman of the temple site for the new Hartford temple that is being built. They really want to share the Gospel with this guy and his family, and so we came up with some pretty good ideas that they are going to try and do to help this man and his family come closer to the Savior.

Yesterday afternoon we had a few things fall through and so we had some gaps in our schedule. We went out to try and find some Less Actives for a little bit and ended up going inside this pretty big apartment building to try and find one lady. Well this lady had moved away a few years ago, but then for some reason we decided to tract out a few doors throughout this complex. We don't really tract a whole lot, this was probably like my 4th time ever on the mission tracting because there are a lot more effective things we can do with our time. But anyways, we decided to kill a few minutes tracting. And for some reason the Lord decided to bless us for that decision. We found 3 families that were interested in learning more about the Gospel and wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon, but they were all Spanish families. So they gave us all of their info and we hooked up our roommates with 3 nice referrals. But then we went down to the 3rd floor and knocked on some more doors and then this young couple answered the door and we just gave them the usual spill and asked if they would like to hear a message about the Restored Gospel...and they said "Sure come on in!" Haha we couldn't believe it, no one ever lets us in their homes in New England. Neither of us had ever gotten inside a home while tracting, and so lets just say we were pretty unprepared for the situation! We sat down and taught them about the Restoration though and it went pretty well! They were asking some really good questions and said they would love to have us come back over soon. They gave us their phone numbers and everything and set up a time next week to have another lesson. So we found 4 families in one apartment building in like 30 minutes that were interested in learning more about the Gospel! I hope you all have a good week! Love you!

One night last week Elder Pennington the "greeny" was having a rough day and we have this joke in the apartment that whenever anyone is upset or discouraged we say "Let's go get ya a shake!" Haha! So that night we actually went and got him a shake!
We got to the library today and I realized I was slacking on the pictures this week so we snapped one real quick just so nobody would be complaining back home!

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