Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making The Best of Storms

The winter storm Nika hit us pretty hard early last week and kind of put a damper on the work for a day or two. The Lord is hastening his work but Mother Nature unhastens it real fast too haha. We got pounded with snow late Tuesday night and ended up with over a foot of snow. Then it quit snowing for a few hours and then we had freezing rain come for another few hours. Needless to say we were snowed in the apartment for a fair amount of time. We made the best of it and were still able to stay busy the entire time though. We were outside all day Wednesday with our shovels. We were pretty much the only people in our entire apartment complex with shovels, and so we went around and shoveled out every single car in our parking lot so that they could move their cars so that the snowplow could come and clear out the parking lot. It was quite a bit of work, by the end of it we were soaked because we were shoveling during the freezing rain part of the storm. It wasn't really very fun haha but that's our job! The apartment manager was very thankful for our help and ended up buying us each 10 dollar gift cards to Subway for helping out. 

We found out on Saturday that Elder Boone is getting transferred, after being here in Waterbury for 8 months! He is heading up to the Boston 1st Ward, a walking area. He is thinking he will drop off a few pounds of the mission weight since he won't have a car up there. But my new companion is Elder Morgan, and we don't know a lot about him yet. He has been out for a little over a year. Our big transfer meeting is supposed to be tomorrow, but we have another huge winter storm (I think they call this one Easton or something like that) and so they just text us and said the transfer meeting has been moved up to tonight at 630, before the storm hits. So unfortunately we have to cancel all of our appointments for tonight and the fun plans we had for pday so we can get ready and head up to Mass. for the transfer meeting. I guess it is better to be safe though!

We have been working really hard with this woman who has been inactive for quite some time, we generally meet with her like 2 times a week. She made a New Years Resolution to become active in the church again and she hasn't missed a week since the start of the year! It is great to see her active again and we are now working reeaallly hard to help her get back to the temple. Her daughter who has been excommunicated and her non member son in law also live with her. The son in law had been in prison for the past 3 years and just barely got out right before Christmas. Ever since he has been out we have always just casually chatted with him, talked about sports and what not, and just tried to build that friendship. Then we started sharing a scripture with him and the kids and would have a little spiritual thought with it. There were a few times that I really wanted to invite this guy, Angelo, to start taking the lessons with us and begin investigating, but I could just never get myself to do it. It was weird, but I just felt like we should take it nice and easy with him, and I guess it worked! A few days ago when we were there to see his mother in law he was just leaving as we were coming in. He stopped me and was like "Hey, you are gonna still be here a while right?" And so I told him that I would be sticking around for a little while longer and then he said "Alright man so you wanna start going hard with me, with the lessons you guys teach and everything? Let's start meeting and studying together man, I am ready!" Haha I was pretty dang surprised, I'm not sure how I reacted but we are going to start teaching him this next week once Elder Morgan gets here so that's pretty exciting. 

We have Madi Morales baptism coming up on Sunday, it is going to be pretty sweet! She is pumped for it and she was finally able to quit smoking last week so we are good to go! Life is good, thanks for all the Valentines packages and cards, you guys are the best. Have a good week and Happy Valentines Day!

Out shoveling all that snow after Winter Storm Nika.
Okay, here is the tour of the apartment that you guys keep asking for!
Notice the huge 65 gallon fish tank in the corner.  A member that lives in our apartment complex was getting rid of it so she asked us if we wanted it, so we said sure!  We bought a few fish for it but then found out that one of the mission rules says we can't have pets.  So unfortunately for the fish and luckily for us they all died about a week later.  Now we just have a huge fish tank chilling in the apartment, it makes a nice decorative piece though!
Our bedroom with all 4 beds crammed in there.  It gets a little stuffy in there at nights haha but we definitely have some good pillow talk each night.

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