Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Companion, A Baptism and More Shoveling!

The weather sure knows how to mess things up, we have been getting hit with soooo many winter storms lately. There is just one after another. We had to move transfer meeting from Thursday to Wednesday night because of a storm that was coming on Thursday. So I picked up Elder Morgan late Wednesday night in Mass. and then we didn't make it home until 11:30 that night. Then our first day together in Waterbury we were snowed in, so we did a lot of shoveling that day too. Now today we are getting hit hard with another one of these dang storms. We just can't catch a break. My new companion Elder Morgan is a really cool dude though! We are a lot alike, just really laid back and calm guys. He is from Salt Lake, and has been on his mission for a little over a year now. We are already getting along really well, I am stoked to be serving with him!

Wednesday night right before transfer meeting President Packard called and asked me if I would serve as the new District Leader for the Waterbury district. Sooo I guess I am the district leader now. It adds quite a bit of responsibility and takes up some extra time, but that's alright! I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and if the Lord thinks I am qualified to lead our district then I guess I will be fine!

Sunday we had the baptism of Madi Morales!!! I have told you all about Madi before, she is an 18 year old girl who has lived a pretty crazy life already. She has 2 daughters, two and one years old. They are some wild children! Madi bounced around in foster homes and all that stuff when she was growing up, and had a pretty tough childhood. She got into drugs and drinking and smoking at a pretty young age, but she was able to give all of that up to be baptized. Her biggest struggle was with cigarettes, but two weeks ago she smoked her last one and hasn't looked back since! It took a lot of gum and sunflower seeds, but we got the job done haha. Madi was baptized by Bishop Marble and will be confirmed this Sunday!

We are supposed to have the baptism of Lisa and her two boys Nate and Javi this Sunday, the 23rd but that isn't going to happen yet. Lisa isn't quite ready to be baptized, she is still trying to overcome smoking and drinking. It has been a struggle to kick these life long addictions, but she is still making big steps towards baptism. The 3 of them are actively coming to church each week and have basically become part of the ward, which is exactly what we want to happen. Her boys Nate and Javi are ready to be baptized for sure, and they REALLY want to be baptized this Sunday and Lisa wants them to as well. So we had the baptism all planned out but then the Ward Council kind of shot that idea down. They don't think it is a good idea to baptize the kids without the mom being baptized because they are worried that Lisa would stop coming before she was baptized and then the kids would just become less active. But I talked to Nate and Javi about it and they have told us that they will just walk to church if their mom ever doesn't come, because they live only about a 5 minute walk from the church. I do agree that it would be better for the kids to be baptized together with their mom, but all 3 of them wanted to go ahead with Nate and Javi's baptism this week. So we were pretty bummed about that, so now we have to figure out a new date where hopefully Lisa will be ready by then so they can all 3 get baptized together. It is tough, but we have to respect our church leaders and follow their counsel.

That is about all that is going down here in Waterbury. We are working hard and it gets really frustrating at times, but we know we are doing exactly what the Lord wants us to be doing. Hopefully this crazy weather will calm down so we won't be slowed down by it anymore. Have a great week, love ya all!

Me and Elder Boone heading out for trasfer meeting!

Madi's baptism on Sunday!! The guy that baptized her is actually the bishop of our ward, Bishop Marble.
Elder Morgan, Madi, Bishop Marble and me
 I ran into a lot of my long lost friends at transfer meetings.  These are just a bunch of guys that were in my districts but then have been transferred away.
Elder Paulson, Me and my main man Elder Hermosilla (we just call him Chile though)
 Elder Fowler, Paulson, Hermosilla and me
Our original district here in Waterbury!  We were all pretty tight, lots of fun memories made together!

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