Monday, February 3, 2014

Ward Abounding With Eager Spirits!

The Waterbury Ward is doing REALLY well right now, we have had over 140 people at Sacrament for three weeks straight now which pretty much never happens. The ward usually averages around 115-120, but we have been seeing a ton of investigators and less actives start coming to church a lot more recently. Our ward has quite a few Spanish people in it, and the Spanish Elders have been doing a lot of hard work to build up their group. Since we have pretty much filled the chapel every Sunday this year, the ward had a meeting on Sunday after church where something pretty cool happened. By the end of the month we are going to be having two separate sacrament meetings in our building, one in Spanish and one in English. If the attendance numbers continue to increase like they have been, then we will take the next step and officially form a Spanish Branch. It is pretty exciting times in Waterbury and both us and the Spanish Elders have been blessed with so much success in the past few months. The Lord is definitely hastening His work.

Earlier this week we had a pretty sick lesson with our investigator Madi, where we taught the Plan of Salvation. She has been making a ton of progress since we started teaching her and she hasn't missed a week of church yet. She loved the Plan of Salvation and had no idea about life after death. It amazes me that people live without knowing where we go after we die, I don't know how they handle just not knowing that type of thing. That would be hard. But we extended a baptismal date for the end of February, just a few weeks ago. She has already changed a lot to have her life be more in line with the Gospel, now we are just trying to get her to finally give up smoking! So keep her in your prayers that she will be able to kick the addiction in time to be baptized.

A pretty funny story from this week haha so on Sunday morning we were asked to teach a primary class because the teacher wasn't able to be at church. So we said yes of course, and then we found out it was the 4-5 year old class, with about 10 kids in it. Ahhh man we did not know what we were getting ourselves into. The kids were just wild, we managed to make it through the lesson alright though. But at the end of the lesson we finished about 3 minutes before all of the other classes were out, and so I figured we would just chill with them and wait to let them go. But I guess Elder Slade, one of the Spanish Elders had another idea....He just opened the door and said "Alright you are free, go find your parents!" The kids just took off out into the hallway running and screaming like wild childs. Definitely wasn't our brightest idea haha the Primary leaders were a little bugged but I guess that's what ya get for having 19 year olds teach wild little kids. Anyways, hope you all have a great week! Take care!

No pictures this week so we will do a throwback!  This is Elder Calvert and I right when we got off the airplane in Boston.  The Packard's were there waiting to meet us and this is us with their youngest son Michael.

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