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Monday, March 10, 2014

Exciting things are happening all around our mission and around Waterbury specifically, it is pretty exciting to see the ways the Lord is hastening His work. Our mission has 92 total baptismal dates scheduled for the month of March, which is pretty amazing! The record for baptisms in a month is 62, and we just set that record a few months ago. January and February haven't been the greatest months for baptisms in our mission, but it is looking like we will bounce back in a big way this month! Of course not every single one of those dates will go through, but we are praying and hoping that they will! 5 of those 92 baptismal dates are going to be happening in the Waterbury alone, so that is pretty sweet! We had one of those baptisms yesterday. The Spanish Elders investigator Jose was baptized right after church. Jose is such a cool dude, since I am the DL I had to go and do his baptismal interview and it was great to get to sit down and talk to him about his upcoming baptism. His English isn't the greatest, but we got the job done. He was pretty pumped about the baptism and just kept saying "This is a new life!" He even asked me to say the closing prayer at his baptism. So the entire service was in Spanish until it was my turn to say the prayer. My two years of high school Spanish just wasn't quite enough to help me pray in Spanish.

In our mission the past few months and in the coming months 12 new groups/branches will be created, and one of them is in the Waterbury ward! We are officially going to be holding separate services, and creating a Spanish group. It is pretty amazing to see the growth of the church even in just this one little area. The English and Spanish programs have both been growing like crazy this past year, and now we are just waiting for the Stake President to OK the new group being formed. This Sunday we actually had our first sacrament meeting separated from each other. The Spanish families met in the Relief Society room and they had that room packed all the way full, with like 42 people in there. That took out a good chunk of the people who are generally in the chapel for our sacrament meeting, so we were worried we were going to have an empty chapel. But we had a ton of people turn out for the English service as well, a little over 100 people. It was just a good day all around and everything went great.

 We had 7 of our investigators show up to church, some of them for the first time. The entire Schriver family has been coming steadily for about the past month and a half, which is really exciting to see. Sister Schriver and the younger kids used to go to the Catholic church with her parents while the dad and his two older boys who are members would come to our church. We had a lesson on eternal families and talked about them being sealed in the temple, and that is the one thing Sister Schriver really wants! So we decided that the next step for them becoming an eternal family would be to attend church together as a family. Hopefully we can keep helping them get closer to becoming an eternal family, step by step.

Sorry I don't have any exciting stories this week, we had an awesome week and were able to accomplish a lot of things though! Hopefully next weeks will be more entertaining. Transfers are in 2 weeks, hopefully I will stick around here for 1 more transfer to finish up all of the things we have started! Have a good week, love you all!

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