Monday, March 17, 2014

EVERYONE Has The Same Opportunity To Be Forgiven

We had a pretty busy week and definitely saw a lot of miracles take place. This weekend was Stake Conference for our stake, the New Haven Stake. Saturday night was the adult session and our zone actually performed a few musical numbers throughout the program. You all know how terrible of a singer I am, so that was interesting. But no, we actually sounded pretty good, that's what everyone told us at least. Maybe they were just being nice though. President Clayton Christensen came and spoke at the Saturday night session and he gave an awesome talk about sharing the Gospel of course. He discussed the Savior going through the Atonement for each and every person who will live on this earth, even though he knew a large part of them would never use the Atonement in their lives and all of that pain and suffering would be for nothing. But just because He loves us all, He wanted to give EVERYONE an opportunity to be forgiven of their sins. We should have the same attitude as we are out sharing the Gospel. Of course we know the majority of the people we invite are going to reject us, but because of the love that we have for our fellow brothers and sisters here we have to at least invite them to come and partake of the joys of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! But yeah, we are hoping his talk got the Stake even more excited to share the Gospel.

Sundays session was really good as well, it was all focused on the temple and performing temple work for ourselves and our ancestors. President Packard made the trek down and spoke at this meeting also. That man knows how to deliver a talk haha he just killed it as always. He told us afterward that he didn't even give the talk that he prepared, a few minutes before he stood up he just completely changed his mind and went by the Spirit. It was sweet though, we had 5 of our investigators there at Stake Conference to hear all of the great messages, there is no way they didn't feel the Spirit in that meeting.

Lisa, Nate and Javi's baptism is scheduled for this Sunday, March 23! We have been working like crazy with this family to help prepare them for this date and things have been going really well with the boys, and there has still been some struggles with Lisa and her addictions. We were worried she wasn't going to make it for this date, but last week we had a super solid lesson with the three of them where we just reviewed over the baptismal interview questions with them. At the end we just asked Lisa if this is what she wants for her and her family, and if she is willing to finally do what it takes to make it happen...and she totally agreed. So we set up the interview for yesterday. For some reason Saturday night I decided I needed to fast for the interviews and everything to go smoothly, and later Sunday I found out why.

Nate and Javi passed their interviews just fine, and then it was Lisa's turn. Without getting into details we found out that there was something Lisa hadn't told us of about her past that made it so President Packard needed to interview her for baptism. Thankfully, President Packard was still at the Stake Center and dropped what he was doing and came straight to the house to do the interview. He had a great talk with Lisa and she came out bawling tears of joy, and President said "Elders, this woman is ready to be baptized!" Definitely the sweetest words I have heard in my life. Then President left a priesthood blessing on the home and we left. We talked to Lisa later that night and she is just on fire right now, her and the boys are so stoked to be baptized this Sunday! We need all the prayers we can get though that Lisa will be able to withstand the temptations that will for sure be thrown her way this week. So keep her in your prayers please! But we were soooo blessed that it went that smoothly considering the situation. The Lord's hand was definitely in this every step of the way, if we would have had the interview at any other time we wouldn't be having this baptism this Sunday. We are definitely blessed!

We also had a great lesson with Joann again this week and that one didn't go according to plans either but still ended up really good. We went in there planning to teach the 3rd lesson the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but for some reason we felt like we should just simply read 1 Nephi 8, Lehi's dream, and talk about it. So that is what we did, at the end of the lesson we invited Joann to be baptized April 27 and she said yes! And she has been to church the past 2 weeks now and has really liked it, so things are looking good for us in Waterbury! Hope you all have a great week!

Just a GIANT cross that sits at the top of the hightest point in Waterbury.  This place is known as the "Holy Land".  You have no idea how many times a day we hear, "No I'm Catholic". Gotta love it!

 Elder Slade and I just bored one night...
On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Southbury Elders and I was able to serve with Elder Johnson for the day in Southbury!  Elder Johnson is actually my "brother" in the mission, he was also trained by Elder Fletcher.
All of us just heading out to Stake Conference.  We thought we were looking pretty fresh so we took a picture.  Me, Elder Pennington, Slade, and Morgan just being a weirdo like always haha!

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