Monday, March 3, 2014

Miracle Moments

Hello everybody! In our District meetings we have started this new thing called "Miracle Moments". Each companionship just gets a few minutes to share a miracle that happened within their work throughout the week. The mission life is definitely discouraging at times, and I know a lot of times I am always focusing on the things that are going wrong rather than the things that are going right. This miracle moment makes us all pay a little closer attention to the miracles that happen to us and with the people we are working with each and every day. Miracles are happening on a daily basis in the mission field, but we don't always recognize them and truly see how much Heavenly Father is blessing us in our work. This week was full of miracles for us, and so I was just planning on sharing a few with you all today!

I told you a few weeks ago about our new investigator Angelo. Angelo, his wife who used to be a member, and their kids all live with their mother in law who was recently brought back into activity in the church. So as we have been working with his mother in law and getting her back to church, the kids would always sit in on our lessons because they come to church with their grandma. Then Angelo started joining us occasionally until he actually became a new investigator a few weeks ago! This week we made some amazing progress with Angelo, we were at their house like 4 different times this week having lessons. On Saturday they called us and asked if we had time to come and share another lesson, and we had to say no because we had 2 more appointments scheduled that we had to go to. Then like 5 minutes later both of those appointments cancelled on us, so now we had time to go to their house! We went and had another lesson with Angelo and it ended up being one of the coolest lessons of my mission so far! We sat down and read Mosiah 3, part of King Benjamins address. Then we really focused in on Mosiah 3:19 where it talks about putting off the natural man and becoming a Saint and true follower of Jesus Christ. Angelo has struggled to do this throughout his whole life. He has been in a ton of legal trouble, and just recently got out of prison after 3 years. He has been through it all. He sincerely wants to change his life, and he has been doing really well lately. He has just been afraid to firmly make that commitment and promise God that he is going to stay out of trouble for the rest of his life. But reading this chapter just really hit home with him, and he realized that he is ready to make that promise, he is tired of sitting on the fence. So we threw down a baptismal invite for April 13 and he said "Let's do it." So a man that has spent half of his life in jail and has never been able to commit to God that he is going to change his ways finally did that and is going to be baptized, definitely a miracle.

One day we had a break in our schedule from like 2-3:30 so we decided to stop by this less active members house and see how she is doing. We were sitting there in her kitchen talking to her when she starts telling us about this friend of hers that is in her living room who is really having a hard time. His sister had just been shot to death and he had just barely found out about it and was having  tough time so he came to her house a few minutes earlier to talk things out. So we go and talk to this guy and his name is Jay, and then we find out that his father in law is actually a member of our church! So this guy knows two Mormon families already. Anyways all of a sudden he just asks us if he can pick our minds for a minute, so we say sure. Then he asks "Is there anything in that book (pointing at the Book of Mormon) that can give me some comfort right now?" Haha that was a perfect question for us. So we talk a lot with Jay about the Book of Mormon and the comfort that it can provide to us during difficult times, then we read some of it with him. Needless to say Jay became a new investigator and then later in the week we taught him the Restoration. and watched the Restoration movie with him. It definitely wasn't a coincidence that Jay was at their house, looking for comfort, and that we showed up at the exact same time. So there is another miracle!

Tons of other awesome things happened this week but I would take all day typing out the details. Madi Morales was confirmed on Sunday and she asked me to do it, so that was pretty sweet! Unfortunately she is probably moving to New Haven so she might be switching wards. We picked up another new investigator named Joann who is a roommate of one of our members that is also trying to cope with a loss of her son who died at a young age. Then we have been teaching this 15 year old kid, named Paul, who lives with his grandparents who are members of the church and Paul agreed to be baptized on March 30! Tons of good things happened this week, God is still a God of miracles. We just have to take the time to notice these miracles happening all around us! Love you all, have a good week!

My man Elder Slade hooking me up with a free haircut.  It's not quite like a haircut from Natalee but it will do for now :)

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