Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Gospel of Change

Another awesome week in Waterbury, I sure will miss this place if I get transferred next week. We have been having so much fun here, and have been blessed with so much success, it has been awesome. This week we met with a man named Danny, who we were teaching when I very first got to Waterbury, but then Danny missed his probation hearing and had to go back into jail for 4 months. Well he just got home this week, and so we went over the first day he was back, we didn't want to waste any time haha. But he seems to have sincerely began the repentance process, and he really wants to lead his family in the right direction. His entire family are members, but are struggling being active in the Gospel and he knows he needs to be the one to set the example now. We invited Danny to be baptized on June 8 and he said yes! Now we will just have to help him continue with the repentance process and to prepare for his baptism, he already knows the Gospel now he just has to live it. We are hoping and praying that he is sincere about his desire to change and to lead his family in the right direction.

On Saturday we were able to go to the Boston Temple with a lot of our ward. The entire Young Men and Young Women's group went up to do baptisms for the dead, and we also got to bring some of our Recent converts along as well. So 4 of the people I have been fortunate enough to teach and help prepare for their own baptisms were able to go to the temple and do baptisms for their own ancestors, and I was able to be a part of it. It is awesome to see them in the temple and to see how far some of them have came since we began teaching them. The Gospel truly is a Gospel of change, and I love seeing that change take place within people! The Temple was packed Saturday, and so they needed us to help out in the baptistry. Elder Morgan and I worked as the people doing the confirmations, so we probably did about 400 confirmations while we were there for a few hours. It was a great blessing to see the RC in the temple and to be able to serve in the temple a little bit as well.

Unfortunately we didn't have Joann's baptism this Sunday, but it will definitely happen this coming Sunday, the 27th. Bishop Marble had a few concerns about having the baptism earlier than scheduled, but those have been worked out now and everything is good to go for Sunday. On Easter Bishop actually invited the 4 of us missionaries over for Easter Dinner, and he invited Joann to come over as well. So we had a really nice Easter dinner with Bishop and his family, and the food was great! Joann doesn't really have any family around either, so we were all very grateful that Bishop had invited all of us into his home to spend Easter with him and his family.

Yesterday we had probably the best p-day ever, it was one I will never forget at least! Yesterday was Patriots Day here in New England, which is a really big deal out here. It is the day of the Boston Marathon, and Boston is just crazy that day. We were lucky enough to be able to go up and to experience all of it firsthand. The Red Sox always play the morning of Patriots Day, and we really wanted to go but tickets were really, really expensive. We decided to press our luck and tried to scalp some tickets. We actually found some for a pretty good deal and they were good seats, so we definitely lucked out there. The game was so much fun, we loved every second of it. The Red Sox lost by one but it was still a really close and good game. Then after that we went and saw a little bit of the Boston Marathon ending, and just hung out in Boston the rest of the day. I was even able to run into the Lewis family from back home! It was great to see some familiar faces all the way out here in Boston. Love you all!

Temple trip with all of the youth from the ward, plus a few of our recent converts!

The 4 Amigos!
 Big Papi himself!

 Standing outside Fenway Park before the game!
The Bryan Lewis Family from Paradise!

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