Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conference Week

Well nothing too exciting or crazy happened this week, but it was a really good week anyways! On Friday we had interviews with President Packard and some training by the AP's which were both really really good! Interviews are always such a good experience. I don't know what it is but just talking to President for just like 15 minutes or so helps sooo much. He always is so positive about everything and always has great advice and counsel. I talked a lot with him about all of our Recent Converts here in Waterbury, and what we can do to make sure they remain active. Before I could even ask him the question I wanted to, he answered it and gave me two suggestions of things we as the missionaries can do to make sure they remain active. The first was to try and get them to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for one of their own ancestors. That is something we have been working on a lot with all of them, especially the youth that we have baptized because the Young Men and Women from our ward have a temple trip on April 19th that we are going to try and get all of the new members too. The other thing that President suggested we should do is to get the Recent Converts engaged in missionary work and sharing the Gospel. This is probably something we have really overlooked and was a great reminder to me. Our Recent Converts are the best tools we have to sharing the Gospel. All of their friends, and family are usually all non members. They are all excited about this new Gospel they have discovered to be true, and so now is the perfect time for them to be sharing the Gospel. So that is something that we will definitely be doing this week to make sure these people stay active.

President did tell me in interviews that my time in Waterbury is probably short. I have been here for over 6 months now which is quite a while, and I have loved every second of it. But President said he is planning on transferring me here at the beginning of May, so I should start helping Elder Morgan get ready to take over the area. He didn't say it is for sure though, he said it would happen unless the Lord doesn't want it to happen.

General Conference weekend was great of course. We got slammed with 10 hours of spiritual direction and counsel from our Prophet and Apostles, which was pretty awesome. There were some really good talks given, with some really great counsel. Of course a few of them mentioned how Conference doesn't do us any good unless we actually do something about all this information and counsel we have been given. We have to actually decide what it was the Lord wanted us to learn from these talks, and then go out and make the necessary changes in our lives! The Gospel is all about making changes for the better. We just watched conference at the chapel and it was pretty lonely there at times haha it was usually just us missionaries and then maybe like 10 members who don't have internet or tv. But Elizabeth and Nate (Javi was at his cousins house) actually came and watched Saturday afternoon session with us as well as Sunday morning, so that made it all worth it.

This coming week our ward will be having two baptisms. One is a young girl that we have been teaching named Elena. Her and her siblings live with her grandma who is a member of the church. Their grandma was less active a few months ago but we have been working super hard with her and she has been making so many great changes in her life. She loves meeting with us, she actually calls us throughout the week and asks us when we are coming over. We are always the one calling people and begging to come over so it is nice to know that someone actually enjoys us coming over haha. But now that their grandmother is active the children have been coming with her every week to church, and Elena is ready to be baptized! The other baptism is the Spanish Elders investigator Ernesto. He is dating one of the Spanish members from the ward. So things are still going great, life is good! Sorry there aren't any pictures again this week.....hope everyone has a great week though! Take care!

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