Monday, April 28, 2014

First Baby Blessing

This week flew by really fast, but a lot of great things happened. On Friday night our ward had a talent show as a fundraiser for the scout camp coming up this summer. We really didn't want to be in it, but the young men signed us up anyways and didn't leave us much of an option. Sooo we did it anyways. We decided to do a little musical number, it was actually pretty cool haha. Three of us were up at the front singing a remix version of "I Hope They Call Me on A Mission" just doing our thing, and then in the middle of it Elder Slade came up out of the crowd with a microphone and threw down a pretty sweet rap about missionary work. We just copied this song that we had heard before, I am sure you could find it on youtube. We filmed it but it is too big to send through email so you will just have to wait another year to watch it I guess. We definitely took home the MVP of the talent show though.

Sunday was a really awesome day for us. We had the baptism of JoAnn, and everything went well there. There has been some major obstacles thrown in our way and JoAnn's way with this baptism. It is crazy how hard the adversary works on these people who are about to take such a huge step in the right direction. The past two weeks it seemed like everything that could possible go wrong for JoAnn, did go wrong, but she didn't let that stop her from getting baptized. I was proud of her for how strong she was through all of the trials that came her way and she didn't even let them phase her. She is a strong lady who has been through so much pain in her life, and the Gospel is helping her find comfort and peace in dealing with all of that pain and heartache that she has been carrying around for years. She is a great lady and we are excited to see her progress in the Gospel and continue to find comfort in it.

Sunday I also gave my first ever baby blessing to a little guy named Zachary. Zachary is the son of two of our investigators, and is the little brother of the girl Elena we just baptized a few weeks ago. I am not sure why they asked me to do the baby blessing haha but I was happy to do it. Not gonna lie I was pretty nervous to do it for some reason, but it was great! His grandmother who is a member just absolutely loved it, and so did his parents. It was a really special day for them and his parents who we are both trying to baptize in the future said they really felt the Spirit at church yesterday and loved the feeling they had the rest of the day. Hopefully that will get them coming back a little more often!

Transfers are coming up pretty quickly. We will find out Friday morning at our Zone Meeting who is getting transferred and where we are going. It is likely that there will be quite a few changes in our District and Zone because a lot of us have been in our areas for quite a while, but we will see. P-day will still be on Monday though, we stopped doing the Wednesday p-day thing now. So I will talk to you all next week. Have a good week! Love ya all!

JoAnn's Baptism
 Our last district meeting together before transfers!

 Us doing our thaaang at the ward talent show!

Me and Zachary on Sunday night.  This little guy was my first ever baby blessing.  We blessed him at church this Sunday.  It was pretty sweet!

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