Monday, April 14, 2014

Loving Waterbury

Another awesome week went down in Waterbury, I seriously love this place...even if it is pretty ghetto. There is never a boring day here. So on Sunday we had two more baptisms in our ward, one of our investigators and then one of the Spanish Elders. The Spanish Elders baptized Ernesto, who is this awesome guy who has been coming to our ward for about a year. He became friends with this lady who is a member, she introduced him to the Gospel and then the rest is history. Elena was also baptized on Sunday. She is the little granddaughter of a member that we recently helped come back into activity of the church, and she brought her grandkids to church with her. It was a great experience for Elena and her family. Both of her parents, who are non members, came and witnessed her baptism. Originally her father was supposed to get baptized with her yesterday, but he just hasn't quite progressed the way we would have hoped. But when her father watched her go under the water he was in tears, you could tell he was definitely feeling the Spirit. So hopefully that will help him and give him some motivation to keep progressing. Elena was baptized by her Uncle Steven, who just moved back home from living in Utah. Steven just submitted his mission papers and is waiting on his call, so that is exciting news also!

We also have another investigator, Joann, who was originally supposed to be baptized on April 27. Joann was also a member referral (I'm telling you guys, members are the best missionaries). But apparently when Joann was watching Conference with her member friend she had some sort of very special experience where she received a very strong spiritual witness that this was the truth. So she called us up in the middle of the week and asked if it would be at all possible for her to be baptized on Sunday, the 13th. Unfortunately there was just no way we could make that happen, she hadn't had her interview or anything like that yet. But we did move up her baptism a week, so she will be getting baptized this Sunday if all goes well.

We invited our investigator Erica to be baptized this week, and she said yes to the date of May 25. Erica is a 16 year old girl from a family who are less active in the Gospel. She is from Cape Verde Africa, and she is a really cool girl and loves meeting with us and learning more about the Gospel. We have baptized most of our investigators, so now we have to reload and get some more baptisms lined up. Not a bad problem to have I guess.

Also, when I very first got to Waterbury we were teaching a man named Danny, and his friend Chris. Danny's entire family are members, and Chris is just a family friend. So we were teaching them both together, all was going great, and they actually had decided they both wanted to get baptized together. But there were some obstacles in their way still. Danny was heading to jail for 5 months, and Chris was heading to a rehab facility to overcome his addiction to heroin. So they both went their separate ways, but now they are both back and ready to pick up where we left off! We just met with Chris again last night for the first time, and we will be seeing Danny later this week. So hopefully we can pick up right where we left off with them, they both seem to be doing really well right now. But yeah, things are going great! Love you all!

Us with our boy Ernesto, the shorter guy, and Brother Lopez who baptized him.
 I was making fun of Brady and Jesse for the way they looked going to Priesthood session and then got to Zone Meeting that night and realized I had forgotten my shoes too!  Haha.  We had a P-day with our whole zone and then Zone Meeting right after that, and we all just changed at the church.  I brought everything except the shoes...not a bad look though right? Might do it more often.
 It was our buddy Javi's birthday on Wednesday so we showed up to mutual and gave him a birthday cupcake! He is a funny kid!  Both him and his brother Nate received the Aaronic Priesthood at church on Sunday, it was great to see them continue to progress in the Gospel.  They are doing really really well right now!
 Us with Elena and her uncle, Steven.
Me and Elena! We are pretty tight, we even have our own secret handshake.
 We do service at a soup kitchen every Tuesday morning at this Episcopal church.  After service this week we were just walking out and started talking to this guy that worked there and he offered to give us a tour of the building.  It was really cool!  There is a lot of sweet old architecture here that you definitely don't find out west!

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