Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Another week down in Groton, this week has been pretty exciting! Thursday was my 1 year mark if you can believe it! It is so crazy that a year has already passed by, everyone always says it will go by fast and they were speaking the truth. This past year has been amazing, definitely the most fulfilling year of my life. I have been blessed to see so many miracles happen so far, and hopefully many more to come! We didn't do anything too special to celebrate, but we did burn a shirt! I took a picture but I forgot my camera so I will send that next week!

On Friday we had a mission conference up in Boston, where our whole mission got together to hear Elder Hallstrom (a Seventy) and Sister and Elder Holland speak to us. It was the first mission conference I have had, so it was cool to see the entire mission together. We were all able to go up and shake their hands before the conference started, it was awesome to shake an Apostles hand, especially Elder Holland! When I was going up to shake their hands Sister Holland stopped me and said "I have Pulsipher's in my family, we must be related!" so that was pretty cool! But the mission conference was such a good meeting! The Spirit that was there was incredible. Sister Holland spoke and bore a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of her husband being an Apostle of the Lord. She shared some really cool stories and experiences that they have had together. Elder Holland spoke for most of the conference, almost 2 hours straight of Elder Holland speaking to us, and that man can speak. We were all ears. He talked to us some about going home and what do to when that happens, how Preach My Gospel came to be, and how we can help our investigators have spiritual experiences. There was so much he said, I took a lot of notes but I don't have that with me either, but just trust me that it was really really good! Elder Holland had some really good things to say about our mission and President Packard. First he said, "This is the best missionary meeting I have ever been to in my entire time of being a General Authority, and that is a lot of meetings! Your mission just has a special spirit that we feel here today." So that was a pretty cool compliment coming from him! Then later he said, "I have been trying to hold back from saying this all day, but you will not find a better mission president than Dan Packard." Which is definitely true I think. We always thing we have the best mission president, I am pretty sure every missionary thinks that, but to hear an Apostle say that was pretty sweet. So with all those compliments Elder Holland gave us, he basically told us where much is given, much is expected. He told us that the Lord is very pleased with the work we are doing, but is definitely not satisfied and that there is much more for us to do!

We are teaching some people that are pretty frustrating. I can't believe these people still aren't baptized. We are teaching this guy named Justin, he is married to a member. They are a really young couple, like 23 years old or so. Justin comes to church with his wife and kid every single Sunday, loves the church, and even pays his tithing. He has been meeting with the Elders for like a year now, and for some reason just won't get baptized yet. And that is pretty much how it is with most of our investigators. They all just seem to have tiny, irrelevant things preventing them from being baptized. We are going to keep trying, but we may be dropping some of them soon if nothing changes. Hopefully within the next week or two we will have some investigators with baptismal dates.

Today we were able to go up to Boston for a temple trip. A young couple took us up with them early this morning, which was super nice of them. The husband actually has a brother who is serving in our mission right now and was in my last zone. But at the temple I ran into Jason Nehlia, a convert from my first area. He was up there doing baptisms this morning. But he told me that he is going to receive his Endowment on August 2nd, and to put it on my calendar! So that will be my first convert that I will be able to go to through the temple with.  And tonight we are going to a members house for a BBQ so it should be a pretty good Memorial Day. Love you all!

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