Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Goodbyes in Waterbury

Heeellloooo!! It was so great to get to see and talk to all of you yesterday, even if it was just for an hour or so.  Everyone back home seems to be doing great!  I hope all of you Mothers had a fantastic Mother's Day filled with lots of good food hopefully.  I am here in Groton now and it is a great place to be.  A lot of the members of our ward are in the Navy, because there is a huge submaine base right here in the center of Groton.  There are lots and lots of families in the ward, and they all seem great.  The work is a little slower here compared to Waterbury, but we will get things rolling here pretty quick.  I will tell you all more about Groton next week, but today I will just finish up with all of the awesome people that I met during my time in Waterbury. Love you all! Elder Pulsipher

Saying goodbye to Elizabeth, Nate and Javi was definitely one of the hardest goodbyes.  Ah man I can't say enough about this family.  They have come so far since I very first met them waaay back in November.  It took a lot of work, a lot of persistence, but being able to baptize the three of them together a few months ago was one of the best days of my life so far!  It was something that didn't seem at all possible when we very first met them, but I am so grateful Heavenly Father made us keep going back there and helped us to never give up on them.  I will miss these guys like crazy!
Another one of my favorites from Waterbury, the Alicea family.  They are just the coolest people around, they were pretty much our family!  They treated us like family, we treated them like family.  Bro Alicea is our Ward Mission Leader and is doing a great job, he helps us out a lot.  Their son Ethan is the cutest little guy around, but has waaay too much energy for me.

My main man Brother Darby.  He is the coolest guy ever, he grew up in the Bronx and lived a CRAZY life, like I mean Mobster type of life.  He has some pretty intese stories to tell haha.  He was baptized about 5 years ago, but then fell away.  We started going over there about a month ago, and him and his wife have been to church like 4 times in a row now.  His wife said she wasn't ready and so she wouldn't get in the picture, but they are both great!
Erica Mendes and me.  Erica is one of our investigators, she is scheduled to be baptized in just a few weeks, on May 25th.  She promised me she would still go through with it after I left, so I am hoping it will happen.  She is doing great and is coming to church every week and everything, so I am pretty sure it will happen!
JoAnn, who was just baptized two weeks ago.  It was definitely a miracle the way we met JoAnn and began teaching her.  Heavenly Father had everything to do with it.  I am grateful I had a chance to teach JoAnn from the start to the finish and see her baptized.  Maybe she was one of the reasons I stuck around in Waterbury a little bit longer.  JoAnn needed some peace and comfort in this hectic world, and she has began to find that in the Gospel, which has been so rewarding to see.
The McNiven family.  Bro McNiven is the YM president, and a lot of our baptisms in Waterbury were young men, and so we worked together a lot with Brother McNiven.  He was a great help with all of the young men and is doing awesome things with them.  I am thankful he is still around to take care of Nate, Javi, Brandon and Paul!
The Schriver Family!  They are sooooo awesome, definitely one of my favorites in the Waterbury Ward. Not all of them have been baptized yet, but they will be someday.  They are an awesome family and they had us over pretty often.  Sister Schriver is a great cook and made some REAL Italian food for us.  Their son Steven wasn't at home when I went to say goodbye, so we had to go hunt him down later.  Steven was baptized in September and is preparing right now to serve a mission.  He is going to be a great missionary and I am excited to see where he goes!

My man Paul.  Paul is doing great right now, he just got the Priesthood two weeks ago and can now pass the sacrament, which will be great for him.  He is an awesome kid and taught me a lot.  He hasn't had an easy life growing up, but he is still just such a happy and genuinely nice kid.  Hopefully one day he will serve a mission as well!
Simon and his family.  Simon was baptized about a year ago but has been struggling to come to church and remain active in the Gospel.  We have been meeting with him and have gotten pretty close to him.  He is working on coming back, and wants to bring his wife and son with him...so hopefully that happens soon.
Sister Lopez and her grand kids Brooklyn, Elena, and Donovan.  Sister Lopez is the most amazing woman in the world.  She is just the nicest, most giving lady I have met.  She has custody of her grand kids, and the look on her face pretty much sums it up haha...these kids are pretty wild.  Sister Lopez wasn't really active when I first arrived in Waterbury, but we worked with this family sooo so much.  At least 2-3 times a week we would go over for lessons. But Sister Lopez has returned to activity and brought her grand kids along with her also.  My last day there as I was saying goodbye, Sister Lopez said the sweetest thing ever, she told me that she had gotten her temple recommend again!  It has been a long time since she has attended the temple and that is something we were working so hard to do.  Her son leaves on his mission in a month and now she can attend the temple when her son goes to receive his endowment.  I was so stoked to hear that, this work is definitely rewarding when experiences like that happen.
The St. Hilaire's. Sister St. Hilaire was our Gospel Principles teacher, so she always taught the Sunday School class that our investigators attended.  They are both just the funniest old couple ever.  They are awesome though and are doing great at sharing the Gospel as well.  Their neighbor is a non member and is actually the foreman on the Hartford Temple.  So they have been doing great missionary work with him. The Elders back in Waterbury actually had their first meeting with this foreman and his wife yesterday and they said it went great!
And then saying goodbye to all of these studs wasn't that fun either!  The 4 of us were just the best of friends, it is crazy how close ya get to people out here and then all of a sudden you have to leave them, but that is just part of our gig as missionaries I guess.  I loved serving with my man Elder Morgan, he has been an awesome companion.  The Elder Slade and Pennington, our roommates.  I have lived in Waterbury with Elder Slade for 6 months now, and Pennington for almost 5 so we have definitely grown pretty close.  I will miss all of these guys for sure, and all of the people of Waterbury, but I guess it is time to move on and see what adventures await me in Groton!

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