Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting The To-Do List Done

P-Day last week was pretty dang sweet. We went out to Newport Rhode Island and toured the Newport Mansions. They are just these ridiculously huge mansions that some ridiculously wealthy people built as summer homes right along the ocean a few hundred years ago. (They are the homes where the new Great Gatsby was filmed). But the houses were super cool to see. I don't even want to know how much they are worth, I am sure some crazy amount of money. We went inside two of the mansions, one was called The Breakers and then the other was The Rosecliff. It was pretty interesting to see and hear the stories of how these millionaires lived way back in the day. Newport is a really pretty place though and we had a really good time throughout the day walking along the beach and what not. Then that night I stayed in Newport with Elder Laurent to do our exchange for this transfer. I had a really good time there and learned a lot from Elder Laurent. We taught a few of their investigators and had some really good lessons with them. The ward mission leader in the Newport ward is Brother Wood, who was a General Authority for like 20 years and was just recently released. He came and taught a lesson with us on Tuesday. It was awesome to get to talk to him and hear some of his stories and ideas about things. He has some inside stories about all the members of the Quorum of the 12 because he worked with them a lot while he was on the High Council of the church. I could have sat there all day and listened to his stories but we had other things to do!

This week we had to attend a few pretty long meetings. Wednesday we were gone all day up to Boston for a Mission Leadership Council. It was just a meeting with President and Sister Packard, and then all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders in our entire mission. It is just a meeting where all of us leaders get together and talk about the mission and what things we need to do throughout the next month. We spent a lot of time this meeting talking about how we can help all of our missionaries develop this sense of urgency to find more people, baptize more people, and just to go out and do the Lord's work. Our mission is still doing really well right now, but we could always be better. It was kind of going along with Elder Holland's statement that the Lord is pleased but not satisfied. Then on Thursday we had a Zone Conference with President Packard where he taught us for like 4 hours straight about how we could improve our prayers and studies in order to receive the personal revelation needed to progress the work in our areas. It is definitely a training I needed. I feel like I could definitely be getting more out of my prayers, and being able to find Heavenly Fathers will in all things. So President basically taught us how to get a "To-Do" list from God each day so we know what he wants us to do, then go out and do it!

Saturday we went on another exchange with the New London Spanish Elders. I stayed in Groton and Elder Hunter came here with me. We had an awesome day together and saw some miracles happen! We went to go teach a new investigator of ours named Jesse, and she is a single mother of 4 so we had to get a chaperon to come with us. So we got the sweetest little old guy, Brother Post, to come with us. I absolutely love this guy, so I was pretty stoked to have him coming out with us. So we show up to Jesse's appt, and she forgot and had gone shopping. Story of our lives, everybody cancels on us. So we scrambled to find something to do since we had Brother Post out with us, so we decided to stop at another of our investigators named Felicias house. To make a long story short we had an awesome lesson with her and she accepted a baptismal date for the end of July! It was so sweet, God definitely led us to Felicia's house that day. That night we taught the Restoration to this AMAZING 90 year old woman named Gemma who is another one of my favorites here in Groton. Gemma lives with a member of our ward, but Gemma is super duper Catholic. It will be a long process but Gemma loves us and we love her. At the end of our lesson we sat down in her kitchen and were eating Ice Cream and Gemma says "Now boys, you aren't trying to convert me are you?" Haha we just started laughing and changed the topic! We had a great week, it is hard to believe transfer texts are coming this Friday. Have a great week! Love you all!

The Breakers Mansion

 They don't allow you to take pictures inside but I had to sneak one for you isn't that great but it's a little sneak peek haha!

 The Rosecliff Mansion

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