Monday, June 23, 2014

God Does't See Us As Who We Are, But Who We Can Become

This past week was great! On Sunday we had 5 of our investigators show up to church, 2 of them came for the first time ever and seemed to really enjoy it. Felicia came with her 4 year old son Jordan, and it seemed like she was just another member of the ward. Her and Jordan fit right in! Right after the sacrament meeting our RS President came over and introduced herself and then just took Felicia for the rest of church and guided her around and was just a friend to her. It was perfect! And then Ethan came for the first time as well. He fit right into the Elders Quorum and all of the other Navy guys from the ward were talking to him about work and stuff. Ethan may be getting deployed sooner than we thought, hopefully we can get him baptized before that happens, we are just playing it by ear right now. But he definitely wants to, after church he text us and said "I hope I am able to get baptized before Elder Jones goes home." Haha we were hoping the same thing, so its good that we are on the same page!

We had another one of our investigators agree to be baptized this week, a guy named Rob. We brought our Bishop to the lesson and had asked him before the lesson to invite Rob to be baptized, and Bishop did it perfectly. He is a champ. So this lesson that we had with Rob was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had on my mission, at least for myself. Rob is this 38 year old guy who was invited to church by a longtime friend. Rob is single, and still lives with his mother. He is unemployed, and is just kind of a nerd to be honest with you. Our lesson was on having faith to overcome our fears, but we spent a long time talking about what God has in store for all of us, especially for Rob. We watched this video on where President Uchtdorf tells the story of the ugly duckling who became a swan. Anyways, we were trying to help Rob see how much God loves him and sees Rob as what he can become. During this lesson though I felt like a caught a little glimpse of how much God truly does love Rob, and it was incredible. Before my mission I probably would have looked at people like Rob and made fun of him and thought he was just a dweeb...But now I love this guy! And I have been able to realize that it really just doesn't matter what people are like, how many friends they have, how much money they have, what they look like, none of that really matters. God doesn't see us as who we are, but rather who we can become. And this lesson with Rob really helped me truly understand this principle.

It has been amazing to see the Lord's hand in all of the amazing things happening in Groton. None of it has been us really, but it has pretty much been Heavenly Father making miracles happen. We have just been led to people who have been prepared by the Spirit to accept our message. On Monday night, we had a crazy experience. We talk to EVERYBODY we see on the streets and like 99 percent of the time they say no in some way or another. But something crazy happened Monday, someone actually approached us and asked us what we were up to haha. We stopped by a less actives house and when we were leaving, we got in our car and then this super sweet brand new Mustang pulls up and there is this young guy in the car. He asks us "Hey are you guys church people?" We were pretty shocked but we had a good conversation with the guy, and set up an appt to teach him Saturday. So we went Saturday and taught this guy, Ugalde and his wife Beverly the Restoration. They seem really interested actually, the lesson went great! So we picked up 2 new investigators because some guy actually approached us and talked to us. That never happens haha but it happened to us! Just evidence of Heavenly Father's hand in every aspect of this work, and leading us to people prepared to hear our message! Love ya all, have a good week!

Oh and I think I forgot to tell ya a few weeks ago, the girl named Erica that we were teaching back in Waterbury got baptized at the end of May! She was the 16 year old Cape Verdian girl? And also Elizabeth Burgos, the woman that we baptized with her two boys, was called to be in the Young Womens and is now teaching the YW on Sundays. Pretty cool stuff!

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