Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

We had a pretty amazing week, lots of miracles are occurring all over the mission. Definitely a lot of exciting things happening. The Groton ward has been one that has struggled a little bit in the past, and no one can seem to figure it out. The ward hasn't had a baptism all year, but that is going to change real fast! The Lord is blessing us so much here it is crazy. It went from being pretty slow here and not a lot going on, to today where we have 6 investigators with baptismal dates! We have a lot of work to do to make sure these dates actually happen, so we will need a lot of prayers over the next few weeks! Four of them are new ones from this week.

One is a guy named Edwin, he is 24 and has a 2 year old daughter and wants to turn his life around and provide a good life for his family. We met Edwin on the street, started talking to him and then set up an appt. to teach him, and the lesson went great! He doesn't know a lot about the Gospel, or about anything religious really but accepted the Restoration pretty well and was all for being baptized. He will be a tough one, but we can make it happen.

Another one is also a 24 year old guy that we met for the first time last night. His name is Ethan, he is here serving in the Navy. Ethan knows some members of the church that live in Arizona and has been friends with them for quite a while. They have slowly introduced him to the Gospel, and so earlier this week they notified us and let us know that he was ready to meet with the missionaries! We had our first lesson yesterday at the church and taught the Restoration using all the pictures that we have in the hallway. It was a powerful lesson and he just has such a sincere desire to find the truth and to find God's path. The tough thing with Ethan is that he is going to be deployed in the Fall and will be gone a lot of the time leading up to that doing some testing and trials out at sea. We definitely want his baptism to happen before he goes out on his 6 month deployment, so we set July 20 as a day to shoot for.

The other 2 is a young couple in the navy, the Betchers. They have 3 little kids and have actually been investigating the church for 3 years now. They are what we call eternigators. They have had baptismal dates and just haven't quite made it to their dates because of the Word of Wisdom. We are gonna do everything we can to help them make it to this date though. This one is for sure! They actually started today to live the Word of Wisdom, so they are cutting out coffee and tea today! Keep them in your prayers too!

Friday was transfer texts and we are both safe for 6 more weeks. That means Elder Jones will be "dying" here in Groton. A lot of our zone stayed here for another transfer, there were only a few changes. Saturday we went on a special assignment from President Packard, haha it wasn't anything cool though. We had to drive across our entire zone delivering some flyers and posters for this upcoming fireside we are holding here at Groton. It took a lot of time but it was worth it. President Packard is going to come and speak to our Stake in a few weeks, we are pretty stoked for that. So we were getting these flyers out so all the missionaries could spread the word!

A real quick story from this week that I thougth was pretty amazing. So a lot of our mission has been struggling with opening their mouth and talking to everyone, so there has been a lot of emphasis on making this happen. So in our zone we did this thing where each companionship set a goal for the number of Book of Mormons they could place throughout the week. So it got to be Thursday night, the day before District meeting where we would see if all of our goals had been met, and Elder Jones and I were one short of meeting our goal. We knew we definitely had to achieve our goal, so it was going to have to happen in the short 20 minute window after studies and before district meeting. That morning Elder Jones told me that he felt like we should go to this park near our house and that there would be someone there for us to give this last Book of Mormon to. So we walk out the door after studies and it is just straight fog and rain everywhere, definitely not a day for someone to be at the park, but we go there anways. We drive around the park and there is not a single soul in the entire park. We see a woman walking along the sidewalk though, and assume she must be the one we are looking for! So we get out of the car and very awkwardly chase her down and start talking to her. Haha I am sure we looked like weirdos but we felt strongly something good was going to happen there at the park! Unfortunately, she rejected us pretty hard haha so we turned around and started walking back to the car. Then I look towards the middle of the park and sitting there in all this fog is just some guy on a bench all alone. We walk over towards him there, and you can just tell something is wrong. So we casually started talking to this guy and then all of a sudden he just lost it and broke down crying. It turns out him and his wife had been struggling, they got into a huge argument, and she was talking about leaving him with their daughter and going back to Florida. This guy was just devestated! It was so clear to us though that the Spirit had led us to this guy who absolutely needed us at that moment! We were able to talk to him about how much the Gospel blesses families, gave him a Book of Mormon, and our phone number and he said he would call us. He didn't give us his address or anything, so everyone please pray that he will call us!!!! His name is Jason...and plot twist haha it turns out that the first woman that we chased down was his wife who had gone walking off very angrily during their argument. That explains why she wasn't too happy to talk to us!

We had a great Fathers day dinner at the Dudleys home, a family who is recently returning to activity. It was a delicous Turkey dinner and we had a little fire in their backyard afterwards and made some Smores. I am definitely grateful for the wonderful father I have been blessed with. I am sure most of you have seen the Earthly Father Heavenly Father mormon message, if not you should all watch it now! It is one of my favorites for sure. Love you all have a good week!

here is the link to that mormon message:

This is one of the districts in our zone!  We forgot to take a picture with our actual district, but this is the one from back in my old area.  it is always good to be back in the Waterford ward building!

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