Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One Year Down!

This week was awesome! Monday night to Tuesday night we went on exchanges with the Waterford Elders and I got to go back into the Waterford ward for a day. It was the greatest thing ever! I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to, but I did get to see a lot of them. And we will go on exchanges again so I will hopefully get to see the rest next time. But it was so cool to be back in my first area and see all of the people that I became so close to. We went and taught Sabrina and Sovong and they were so surprised when they saw me come walking in, I was glad they remembered me haha. Then we had a Book of Mormon class that Elder Batts and I started when we were there, and it is still going strong. So I got to go back to that and see a lot of the members there at the church that night. And of course we ended the day with a visit to Pops and Sweeties house, it wouldn't be Waterford without those two.

The work in Groton has been really slow for a long time, but I am not quite sure why. It is a great ward with great members who love to share the Gospel, but things just haven't really taken off yet. Last year the ward only had 2 convert baptisms, and this year it hasn't had any. The Ward leaders are kind of bummed about it, but I am pretty sure things will turn around really quickly! We have a lot of solid potential investigators that we have appointments with this week.

Speaking of no baptisms this whole year...we are going to have one on June 22! There is this 12 year old boy who is named Zach that the missionaries here have been teaching for like 3 years. He comes from a member family, both his mother and his step father are strong members, along with his 14 year old sister. His family was inactive when he turned 8, and started coming back to the church like 3 years ago as well. Ever since then the missionaries here have been trying to get Zach baptized, but for some reason he just didn't want to. We are pretty sure it is because his biological father is opposed to the church. Zach is a really cool kid and is already like my best friend here in the ward, and so on Sunday Elder Jones and I took Zach out to our car in between classes because we had brought a treat for him (it was fast Sunday so we told him he had to wait to eat it haha). Once we got out to the car we just sat down and had a little heart to heart with Zach and talked to him about getting baptized, and for some reason this time he was all for it! So we picked the 22nd as the day he will finally get baptized. His mother and step father were SOO excited, they couldn't believe that Zach had finally decided to be baptized. It was pretty cool to see their excitement. Hopefully this week we will invite some more people to be baptized as well, we will see though.

Today for pday we are going to Newport RI to see the Newport Mansions! We have heard good things about them, so we are looking forward to see how the rich people lived back in the day. Then after that we are going on exchanges with the Newport Elders and so I will get to serve in Newport for today and tomorrow. Things are going great, love you all!

Old pictures from my last zone.

The shirt burning ceremony to celebrate my one year mark!

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