Monday, July 21, 2014

Be The Very Best We Can!

It doesn't seem like I have a whole lot of info to update you on this week, but a lot of great things happened this week! Tuesday we went up to Franklin, MA for our zone conference. Our mission has doubled in baptisms since the Packards got here, which is awesome but we could still be doing so much better. We are losing a lot of our investigators with baptismal dates. So a lot of people are agreeing to be baptized, but then we are struggling to actually get them prepared and ready to go through with the baptismal commitment. This zone conference was pretty much all day Tuesday, and we spent the majority of the time talking about what we can do to help these individuals go through with it. There were some great trainings and we have some specific things we can start doing a little better!

At the end of zone conference President Packard gave an amazing talk on the topic of pride. All throughout the scriptures we read about great people who were doing amazing things for God and helping build His kingdom, but then they let pride get in the way of things. Pride is the greatest stumbling block to Zion. President made some great points throughout his talk that really struck me. In the church we are surrounded by a lot of great people, a lot of great leaders, etc. Often times a lot of people look at those around and them and see the amazing things they are doing and the talents that they have, and then look at themselves and see all the things they struggle with. All of us in the church or whatever organizations we are apart of, each have individual talents and strengths that we can help the Lord in His service with. In the world a lot of  people have the mentality of "I just have to be better than......" People are always worried about being better than the other person out there, but that isn't the way we need to feel or live our life! All the Lord wants us to do is be the very best we can possibly be! President Packard gets an email each week comparing our mission statistics with the statistics from like 10 missions that surround ours, and throughout his entire time here he hasn't opened that email once. He just doesn't care, or doesn't even want to compare our mission to those around us. It doesn't matter, as long as we are doing everything we possibly can and serving the very best that we can.

This week we made some great progress with a few of our investigators with baptismal dates. Rob will be getting baptized this Sunday, he is working dilligently to plan out the program for his service right now. It took A LOT of prayers, fasting, and some miracles to get this to actually happen. Rob was just so hesitant to take the plunge, he has been beyond ready for a few months now but was just holding himself back, and even he admitted that. We had the interview last week and he had a really spiritual experience during the interview that helped him know this is what he needed to do. Another investigator, Lechelle,  is supposed to be baptized this coming Sunday as well but she has some major anxiety towards the baptismal interview that is holding her back. She made some pretty big mistakes in her past that make it so she needs an interview from someone in the Mission Presidency and she is just super scared to talk about it all. We are going to go there sometime in the next few days and try and resolve her fears about the interview and get things worked out. Pray for her!!!

Unforunately the past few weeks we have only found like 1 new investigator, it has been a little tough going. So we are going to spend a lot of time these next few weeks on finding new investigators. We are really going to focus on our members and the friends that they have, because then the investigators seem to always just be so much more solid. If the investigator already has a strong member connection before they even meet us, the whole process just goes soooo much smoother. There are a few really strong families that have some people they are working with, so hopefully we can get something going from there. Unforunately our ward is taking a pretty big hit in the next few weeks. Since most of our ward is here on the Navy Submarine base, it is a pretty transient ward. And this year we got hit reeeallly hard with transfers. We have about 10 solid families that are moving within the next few weeks which is going to be really tough, we will have to make it work though!

Sorry there aren't any pictures today, I forgot my camera most days this week. We did see this ginormous building that was shaped like a turtle out on the Mashantucket indian reservation that is in our area, so be looking for a picture by that in the next few weeks. Also we were at a members home for dinner earlier this week and their little 2 year old decided to use my scriptures as a tissue for his super snotty nose, so that was pretty cool! I may need some new scriptures once the mission is over, but I don't know, the snot stain adds some good character to it. Love ya guys so much, have a good week!!!

Elder Pulsipher

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