Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Miracles Happening Every Single Day!

Heeeeey fam! We are running short on time, but I will try and make this a good one. We had an amazing week, miracles happening every single day! So on Monday for p-day we went to Watch Hill Beach in Rhode is a really wealthy beach area. It is a super nice area, really pretty! We went to the beach, played some soccer and daydreamed about going for a swim or riding the jet skis like everyone else. But we still had fun haha!

This week we got everything ready to go for our boy Zach's baptism, and it went great!!! I really have no idea what took this kid so long to get baptized, but I am grateful I was able to be a part of it. He has been meeting with the missionaries for 3 years now! It is cool that he took the time and waiting until he was ready to do it. He definitely was doing it because he wanted to, which was cool. It was a great experience for him and his family, Zach got dunked and then came up and gave us 2 thumbs up. Then when he stepped out of the font he gave is step dad a big hug and said "Thank you, thank you!" Haha he is such a stud, I love that kid. Unfortunately.....they are going to be moving :( His step dad is in the Coast Guard and just got transferred to Texas. They leave at the beginning of August, so we still have a few more weeks. Zach is 12 now so hopefully we can get a trip up to the temple organized before they move.

Wednesday night we had Stake Reporting again, we had to go up to Warwick RI to meet with President Packard and the Stake Presidency to discuss how the missionary efforts are going throughout the stake. The meeting went really well, everyone is just really excited about how things are going right now. And then on Saturday we went on splits with President Hutchins (the Stake President) and his son Kevin. I went with President Hutchins and before we even went out and made our visits we tracted his neighborhood and invited them all to a fireside that we had on Sunday night. Not many Stake Presidents would go out knocking on doors in the neighborhood, but President Hutchins is awesome. He is a great example of a member missionary, definitely leading the charge for our stake.

 A lot of our time this week also went towards this fireside that our mission was putting on. It was a fireside called "What the World Knows because of Joseph Smith." President Packard was asleep one night and woke up suddenly and basically had this vision and was up for like hours and hours just writing down what he was seeing in this vision. It was all about Jospeh Smith and the revelations that he received and whatnot. Haha I really don't know how to explain it, but this fireside was President Packard teaching us what he learned form this vision. Pretty amazing really! There were a few musical numbers scattered throughout and my companion is a master on the guitar so he performed in a few of them. We heldon Friday night in Warwick, and then another here in Groton Sunday night. It was a super spiritual meeting both times, President was amazing as always. We had 2 of our potentials that came and had an awesome experience. They have been associated with the church for years, but had struggles gaining a testimony of Joseph Smith, and so this fireside was PERFECT for them. The wife came up and said 'I have been waiting 7 years to hear this message that we heard tonight." We were stoked about that, so we will see what happens there.

We should have a few baptisms coming up in the next few weeks, we will be working our butts of to make sure they actually happen. Hope you are all having a good summer! Love ya guys!!!

Elder Pulsipher

My main man Zach's baptism! He made me do this first pose...haha anything for that kid. 

The other 2 missionaries in this picture are ones who used to serve here in Groton and worked with Zach. They were able to swing by for the baptism which was pretty cool!
And this is the one and only Taylor Swifts beach house! It had like 12 security guards surrounding it and we stopped and talked to one...they have 24/7 security guards there. He told us that she was there this past weekend, she left a few hours before we got there. Maybe next time. (he said she wouldn't be interested in the Gospel either haha). This is the sign outside her door, for some of you old people out there this is a reference to one of her songs. Elder Bradley is a HUGE T-Swift fan, so he was pretty stoked to get a picture in her driveway by this sign.

Most of the zone at Watch Hill Beach in RI. We went and hung out on the beach and played some soccer!

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