Friday, July 18, 2014

The Best Time of My Life!!

Hey there everybody, can I just say that life is good! Of course there are ups and downs, some good days and bad days, but overall the mission is just the greatest experience ever. I know I say that all the time, but its the truth! Our mission is working hard towards getting 70 baptisms this month, we are definitely needing a miracle, or lots and lots of miracles to get there but it will happen! Gotta have faith, right?

Tuesdays are pretty much always our exchange days, so this Tuesday we switched with the Newport Elders. I went up to Newport with my boy Elder Henrie, he is a stud! We had some great conversations, and it was cool to get to know him better. Newport is just an awesome area, it is so pretty out there! But I think I told you how their Ward Mission Leader out there is an emeritus General Authority, Brother Wood. This man is amazing. We went to his home that night to coordinate some upcoming baptisms with him, then he just blew our mind with all of this amazing doctrinal knowledge that he has. Then after he taught us he asked us to teach him, haha so that was a little intimidating. So we had a pretty good lesson with them, I was able to testify about the truthfulness of the Gospel to man who was a General Authority, it was pretty cool!

Elder Jones was back in Groton with Elder Laurent that day, and they had some great experiences as well. It was Elder Jones b-day that day, so unfortunately I wasn't there for it but they had a good day anyways it sounds like. At one point in the day they were trying to visit a less active member, and as they were getting out of the car Elder Laurent felt impressed to grab a Book of Mormon out of the trunk. Then they went around the corner to knock on the LA's door and noticed a woman sitting on the porch at the home next door to the LA's house. They both looked at each other and just knew they had to talk to this lady. So one thing led to another, and we are now teaching this woman, her name is Danielle. She is from Mississippi, and just got here to Groton a few weeks ago. She is had a WILD life, she has had some big time struggles with addictions and other things in life, but she moved out here to start a new life. So this is kind of like a fresh start for her. We have had 2 amazing lessons with her this week, she just loves having us come over and discuss the Gospel. She has turned down missionaries a few times in the past she said, but now was just the right time. She is coming to church this week she said, and has just loved everything about the Gospel so far. We are so stoked to keep teaching her and see her continue to find this path that God wants her to follow.

Saturday evening we had Ethan's baptism, it was sooo sick! We went and had dinner with him at our Ward Mission Leaders home and then went to the church for the baptismal service. Elder Jones heads home in 2 weeks and so it was super cool that he was able to baptize him right before he heads home. I had to give a talk at the baptism, it went well. The entire service was just awesome actually! It has been absolutely amazing to see Ethan progress so quickly in the Gospel. He is just truly converted to the Gospel. He had a spiritual confirmation really early on that what we were teaching was the truth, and so after that he was just willing to do whatever it took to be baptized. Sunday Ethan was confirmed in sacrament meeting by Brother Lahti, our first counselor. Ethan is in the Navy and Brother Lahti is actually the commander of the Sub Base here in Groton, so it was a big honor for him to have Brother Lahti confirm him. Unfortunately, Ethan will be heading out to sea this week and be gone for a few weeks. We have him prepped to stay strong in reading the scriptures, and we have a lot of members in the Navy who are going to be emailing him while he is out at sea to keep him going strong.

Saturday night was the Sailfest fireworks here in New London. They pull a barge into the Thames river right by the pier and the Foxwoods casino here puts on a huuuuge fireworks show. It was pretty amazing. Since our festivities were cancelled on the 4th of July we were able to go and see the Sailfest show. Sooo that was pretty lucky.  I think that about sums it up, hope ya all have a good week! Love you guys!!!!
Elder Pulsipher

Ethan's baptism. At first I was blocking the Savior's face, so I scooted over.  Hopefully that explains the awkward stance. 
This is Elder Jones and I with our homie Jordan Ramos! Haha Jordan is the son of one of our investigators, Felicia.  Jordan turned 5 on Saturday and so we bought him a present of course.  They don't really have a lot, and so we wanted to make sure he had some cool presents to open.  He is a stud, we love this little kid.
The crew at the Salifest fireworks.  It was a party...we just went to the fireworkds at the end of the night and then headed home right when they were done.  There was waaay too much craziness gong on around for a bunch of missionaries to hang out haha.

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