Monday, August 11, 2014

"God Hath Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear" Gordon B. Hinckley

Last pday we went to the beach in Rhode Island again with most of our zone. A few of the sisters wanted to go see Taylor Swifts house because they are huge fans. We went and saw her house and then played beach volleyball for most of the day. Missionaries really just don't fit in on the beach that well though, but I have gotten used to being the weird people that everyone stares at by now haha. We had a good time though!

This week was a little crazy, we had a lot of meetings and planning and stuff that prevented us from spending a lot of time in our own area but we still got a lot of work done! On Wednesday we had to get up bright and early to head to Boston for MLC. We were there all day receiving training from President and Sister Packard and the AP's on stuff that we had to go back and teach our zones on Friday. MLC is always a good experience though because we get to spend pretty much all day with President talking about the whole mission, share success stories and see what is going well, but also to talk about things and areas of the work that need improvement. It is always a meeting to look forward to! After MLC was over, we had to cruise on back to Groton for a Stake Reporting meeting with the Stake Presidency and President Packard. At that meeting we just report on how the missionary work in the Stake is going. We had a lot of really good reports and statistics, so the Stake President seemed really excited with how the work is going in our Stake. We have had 34 baptisms in our Stake the past 3 months, which is pretty amazing! In all of 2012 the Stake only had 62 baptisms, so the work is definitely progressing really well here.

Thursday we spent a good chunk of time planning for zone meeting and how we wanted to train our zone on the info that we received from MLC. We had our zone meeting on Friday, and we feel like it went really well! Our zone had 7 baptisms last month which is huge for our zone, and so we want to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. A big part of zone meeting we talked about fear. Fear is something that prevents a lot of us from achieving our goals, and reaching our full potential. We know fear comes from the adversary, but for some reason we allow that fear to prevent us from doing the things we know we can. So we had a nice discussion on what some of these fears are that we have and what we can do to overcome them. The Spirit was there and it was super strong, and the Spirit is the best teacher so hopefully the zone all learned something new and we can all work on overcoming any fears that we have.

Even with all of the meeting and what not we made some great progress in Groton. We have two non member young men who actively attend church that we have been working with a lot. They are both considering baptism, but we want them to do it for themselves not just because everyone is telling them they need to do it. So they are going to scout camp tomorrow for the whole week, and they are both praying and deciding there if they should be baptized. We taught them both lessons on how they can pray and ask God questions and receive answers to their prayers. We are pretty confident they will have a spiritual experience at scout camp and get their confirmation that they need to be baptized. They both lack a male influence at home that encourages them to come to church and live the Gospel, and so we think this will be a great time for their scout leaders to be that role model for them and lead them in the right direction. So pray that these boys have a spiritual experience at scout camp!!!

We also picked up a new investigator this week, and she is completely golden. Her name is Hannah, she is a 15 year old girl. She is friends with a few of the youth from our ward, and they have been sharing the Gospel with her over the past year. She has attended a youth conference, mutual, church a few times, and two weeks ago she went to girls camp and had an amazing experience there that really catapulted her interest in learning more about the Gospel. Since girls camp she has been a regular at church and at YW each week, and on Saturday night we went to her friends house and taught her the Restoration. The Spirit was thick, especially when we recounted Joseph Smiths first vision, it even brought tears to her eyes! I love when that happens haha. But she is a super spiritual young lady, she had some great insight and questions throughout the lesson, and she is already talking about baptism. Since she is only 15 and her parents aren't really interested in the church, we have to work things out with her family and make sure all is well before we set a date for baptism or anything like that. She is pretty amazing though, we are excited to keep teaching her and see her progress!

Sunday at church our friend Hunter Mason gave his farewell talk, he left today to go to the MTC. This kid is amazing, he invited like everyone he knows to come to church to see his farewell talk. We ended up having 28 nonmembers at church yesterday and pretty much all of them came to hear Hunter. Holy cow!!! That was a lot of non members to try and introduce ourselves to. We will definitely have to do a lot of follow up work with his family! Life is good though, we can't complain. I love ya all, have a  great week!

Another pday with the zone at Watch Hill Beach
Everyone continues to leave us in Groton haha. This is the Casey's, they are two of the coolest members here in the ward. They are great people and have been wonderful missionaries here and have shared the gospel with a lot of people! The other one is Hunter Mason, he is heading out on his mission today actually! He is serving in Salt Lake City Spanish speaking. 

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