Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rob's Baptism!

This week was pretty sweet.... Rob finally was baptized! This dude has been coming to church for like 8 months now, and was practically a Mormon when he started coming, but he just never would get baptized. He was really just holding himself back from taking this step, it is about time he did it haha. He was introduced to the church through a friend of his from school, he is a member missionary success! Rob is a really cool guy, it has been cool to get to know him and help him in this journey. If there is one thing that I have learned from teaching Rob, it is that God loves each and every one of his children unconditionally. Before the mission I was always judging people, thinking I was better than others and stuff like that. But that has just completely changed that. I have been able to feel of God's love for Rob since the first day I met him, and it has been really cool to see that love throughout these past few months. Rob is just stoked to have finally done this, and is excited to begin this new journey. He shared his testimony at the baptism and talked about how this is just the beginning of something great, and is just looking forward to the great things that lay ahead of him.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Waterford Elders. I stuck around in Groton this time since every other time I have managed to get myself back in Waterford haha so it was only fair that I stayed here this time. Elder Jones went into Waterford with Elder Bradley, who he actually trained a long long time ago. So it was fun for them to be back together for a day. Then on Wednesday we went on another exchange with the Narragansett Elders. I went to Narragansett with Elder Nelson and had a great time. We got a call from a member who said they were in Narragansett on vacation and wanted to feed us dinner. So we said sure we would love that, and got their address to the place they were renting along the ocean. We show up, and it turns out it was a family that I knew from Waterbury that was up here on vacation. They were stoked to see me which was pretty cool, what a coincidence that it happened the one day I was in Narragansett. I love going on all of these exchanges though because it gives me a chance to learn from so many different missionaries. I get to see how they work in their areas and with their companions, it has really helped me grow a lot. It is difficult at times because they expect us to come in and give lots and lots of advice and direction since we are their zone leaders, and sometimes I feel like I don't have all of the answers, but I give it my best shot haha. It has been a great experience though!

Friday was transfer text day!!! My new companion will be Elder Minson, and that is about all I know. He was just called as a new zone leader for his last few months on his mission, he goes home at the end of this year. Our zone was changed a ton this transfer. Every companionship except one will be different this next transfer. It is tough to see all of them go, but it sounds like we have a great group coming in. Our zone had a really really good month in July, we finished the month with 7 baptisms. Our goal was for 8 so we were one short, but not too shabby. Elder Jones will be heading home on Friday morning, so if you happen to be around the SLC airport around 11 AM go tell him hello for me! Friday night we went up to North Brookfield, MA for a fireside. Elder Jones was playing the guitar one last time at a fireside, so it was fun to go up there and see the fireside put on by President Packard again.

A few of our investigators are progressing super well, but have just one major hang up....the law of chastity! I don't know what is in the air out here lately, but we have a few women who are totally ready to be baptized except they just flat out told us this week they can't live the law of chastity. Women and their hormones these days... They just don't think it is possible for them to do it, like not a chance at all. It is sooo frustrating because they are so close, but I guess we just have to keep working and help them become so converted to the Gospel that they don't even wanna do that stuff anymore! Pray for us on this one!

Sorry if my emails are getting lame, haha it seems like I am slowly running out of things to say the longer out on my mission I get. Maybe it is just me getting lazy, I'm not sure what it is. I am trying though, so hopefully they aren't too boring. I love ya guys, have a fantastic week!

Rob's Baptism!

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