Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Wow the weeks keep flying by, it is crazy! Time flies when you are having fun right? This week was pretty solid, a lot of really good things are happening. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the New London Spanish Elders. My main man Elder Hunter came here to Groton with me. Elder Hunter is such a good guy, he is from Oregon and is proud of it. He is actually waiting for his visa, he was called to serve in Brazil. He has been here in our mission for almost a year now waiting for that dang visa, hopefully it will come soon! We had a super solid day though, lots of miracles took place. The coolest part of our day was probably meeting with this guy named Devon. Last week we got a media referral from Mormon.org saying this lady had requested a Bible. So we took it to her and gave her a Book of Mormon as well, but she said she wasn't interested in hearing more about our church. She mentioned her son was a religious guy but that he already had a church too. On Tuesday we were thinking of what we should do and I felt like we should go back and see if that lady's son was home and see if he would be interested in our message. Sure enough, he is home and invites us in and is super interested. We went back 2 more times this week and taught him the Restoration and then on Saturday during our lesson we invited him to be baptized on Sept. 28 and he said yes! This guy is a stud, I am really looking forward to working with him. Unfortunately his Pastor from his old church is feeding him full of garbage and telling him not to meet with us and come to our church, so we are gonna have a little struggle there but we have just told him over and over again that he can't listen to us or listen to his old pastor, but he needs to just listen to God and see what God wants him to do. We are pretty confident Heavenly Father will help Devon make the right choice haha.

It sounds like the two YM who were at scout camp this past week had a pretty good experience, we are going to be meeting with them on Tuesday and following up and inviting them to be baptized! So keep the prayers coming! But we recruited the Stake Presidents son to help us out while they were at scout camp together and he did perfect it sounds like! Speaking of the Stake President, he came to our ward yesterday and made a pretty big announcement. We got a new bishopric this past Sunday. Our new Bishop is Bishop Kitley, he is an amazing guy. Elder Jones and I were at his house like 2 weeks ago and we asked him if he was ready to be the new Bishop of Groton yet and were just joking around with him about it. Well turns out we were on to something there. We are really excited to start working with him and teaming up to help the Groton ward continue to grow. And another weird coincidence, Sister Kitley was in Utah last week visiting family and she ran into Elder Jones in some subdivision in Salt Lake and talked with him. Pretty crazy!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty sweet day, I am heading up to the temple with the Waterford ward. I don't know if you guys remember Sister Liz Chase? She was the first person that I taught on my mission to be baptized, it was way back in July of last year. Well anyways, she is going to the temple tomorrow to receive her endowments!!! I am super stoked for her and to be able to be there to see her take this next step in her progression. Also, the Nehila family that we baptized in Waterford is doing super well right now too. They actually moved to the Norwich ward, which is right next to Waterford. But their little 8 year old son Dylan was baptized on Sunday and it sounds like they are working towards going to the temple and being sealed....that will be the most amazing thing ever, so hopefully it happens soon! I had the Sister missionaries in Norwich promise me they would help make it a reality so we will see! Life is good though, I am loving my time out here. This summer hasn't been too hot or anything, it has been really nice here! Love you all, enjoy going back to school and what not!

Only picture from this week, me with my man Elder Hunter after our exchange on Tuesday.  Love this kid!

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