Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Acting on Faith

This week was really solid, there are lots of good things happening and coming up in our area and our zone! Pday we all just met up at some soccer fields here in Groton and played soccer and ultimate frisbee for a while. It was a nice day, but things are starting to cool down out here so we are taking advantage of being outside while we can! Monday night we had a lesson with a kinda active family who has been struggling a little bit. Most of our ward is young Navy families, and the Navy doesn't produce the strongest families haha. A lot of them actually struggle with their marriages and what not, even in the church. We showed up and it was obvious the wife hadn't told the husband we were coming, so it was a little awkward at first but he let us in and we had a lesson The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Hopefully it helped a little bit, they were at least happy after we left so we will consider it a success.

Tuesday we had another lesson with Hannah, she is doing really well in Seminary and Young Womens, she is practically a part of the ward already. She is reading through the Book of Mormon by the end of the year, and so right now she just finished 1 Nephi. If a 15 year old investigator can read from the Book of Mormon every day, then us lifelong members should have no excuse haha. Anyways, we talked about the chapters that she had read already and discussed a few acts of faith that Nephi demonstrated in the early chapters of the Book of Mormon. We then related it to her and her situation right now. She wants to be baptized but both of her parents are non members and so she has been hesitant to talk to them about the whole situation. We invited her to act on her faith and talk to her parents and see if they would approve of her being baptized, she wasn't to sure about it at the end of the lesson so we weren't positive if she would actually talk to them about it or not. But then Wednesday night we got a text message from her that was in Caps lock and had like a million exclamation points and smiley faces and what not, saying she had talked to her parents about it and they were totally supportive and were really excited for her to be doing something so great. That was pretty sweet to see her act on her faith and trust that it would all work out, and it did. Sometimes we don't really know what the outcome is going to be, but if we know it is the right thing to do we take a few steps in the right direction and Heavenly Father seems to figure out how to make it work. Hannah is talking about being baptized in a few months but we will see what we can do to move that up a little bit!

Wednesday evening we had to go up to Boston for the transfer meeting where the departing missionaries share their testimony and everyone pairs up with their new companions. Neither of us were transferred and so weren't supposed to be going there, but then a missionary companionship in our zone found out they were losing their car and that it needed to be brought up to transfer meeting so another companionship could take it back to their area. We ended up being the lucky ones who had to drive the car all the way up there to drop it off, and then we hitched a ride back with the Waterford Elders. It worked out alright though because it made it possible for me to hear my man Elder Shepherd share his final testimony before he headed home. Elder Shepherd was my first ever District Leader way back at the beginning of my mission. He was an amazing missionary and example to me, definitely taught me a lot about how to be a successful missionary.

We have still been meeting with our investigator Bob, he is doing alright it has been baby steps with him. He is on probation for another year so he can't get baptized anytime soon, but we just really want to help this guy. He has struggled in life ever since coming back from the Vietnam war, and just never got his life in order. He spent a good chunk of time in prison and just got out a few months ago. He has made huge steps, but has a long ways to go still. This week we are going to start the Addiction Recovery Program and get him going on the 12 steps there. He is a pretty bad alcoholic and it has been a battle for him. But hey, if there is anything that can help someone overcome an addiction The Savior is a pretty safe bet.

Last night we finished up all of our lessons and it was like 8:30, we still had 30 minutes to fill before we went back to the apartment. Our ward and town pretty much shuts down around 8:00, haha there is like NOTHING to do after that most nights. It is a struggle to fill that last hour of the day. Last night we just decided to walk to this park and try and do some street contacting. We saw 2 people the entire 30 minute walk, but the last guy we saw was pretty cool actually! I saw this guy off in the distance with his head in the garbage can, digging for some things. We were pretty desperate (and it looked like he was too!) so we went up and started talking to him. As I walked up it smelt of alcohol SOOOO bad, I thought we were going to find some crazy drunk guy rummaging for food or something. But it turns out it was this nice, sober guy named Jim, he was searching for beer cans in the garbage can. He goes to all the parks in Groton and rummages up cans every night, and then cashes it in at the end of the week. He makes about 300 dollars a week doing this! I was pretty impressed, this guy has it figured out. We had a nice little talk with Jim and he actually lives right next door to a less active member of the church that he knows pretty well. Jim gave us his info and told us we could come by and visit with him this week. Our walk turned out to be somewhat beneficial!

That's all I have for this week.... life is chugging along out here! Hope you are all doing well and staying out of trouble! Love ya and have a good week!

Saying goodbye to Elder Shepherd!!

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