Monday, September 29, 2014

Come, Listen To A Prophets Voice!

Helllooooo! Sounds like Bryson had a fun birthday, the new rain boots look like they were a hit. Thanks for sending all the pictures and videos! Things are moving right along in Groton, time keeps flying by. Unfortunately the less time I have left, the faster it seems to go. But I still have plenty of time out here so all is well haha.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges as always! I went over into New London and spent the day in the Spanish program with Elder Hunter. The New London elders just lost their car a few weeks ago, so they are on bikes now....which meant I had to bike all day around New London. This was actually the first time in my entire mission that I have had to ride a bike, I can't believe I made it this far. So I found out that I am pretty out of shape and that biking in proselyting clothes is pretty lame. And my behind was pretty sore by the end of the day. It was pretty fun though I will be honest. I looked like a goober, but I even wore my helmet just for you mother (and also because it is the law and a mission rule haha). We had sweet day in the spanish program and had some super good lessons and most of them were partly in English so I was able to contribute somewhat. We did have a pretty questionable dinner provided by some sweet Ecaudorian couple who are investigators. They served us some pork noodle soup, not to be confused with chicken noodle soup, and then a dish with like cabbage and hot dogs and I am not really sure what else. Then they gave us this drink that I am like 90 percent sure was tea but when we asked they promised us it wasn't tea, hopefully they are honest people! Needless to say I am grateful I didn't go to Ecuador on my mission. Not sure what it is but my 3 worst food experiences on my mission have all happened while eating at an Ecuadorians home. Great people though, bless their hearts. OH! Also, at the end of our day we were walking back to the apartment and you will never guess who pulled up in his mini van and started talking to us! It was Brother Maynard from the Waterford ward!!!! Do you guys remember the bi-polar man that threatened to kill Elder Batts and I last summer in Waterford? Well that was Brother Maynard haha. Anyways, we talked to him for a while and my life was spared once again. Nah just kidding, he was super happy to see me and we had a nice chat about the good ole days when I was serving in the Waterford Ward.

We have been teaching this 17 year old kid for the past few weeks who is progressing pretty well, we will probably be inviting him to baptism this week. His name is Talon, and he is friends with some young women in our ward. About 2 months ago they invited him to their little sisters baptism, and he came and really enjoyed it. Then about a month ago they invited him to church and the rest is history. He has been coming to church the past month, goes to seminary almost every morning, and also comes to the youth activities. He comes from a non-Christian home, so it was basically like starting from scratch. We have taught him a few times and he has expressed a desire to be baptized, we are just making sure he actually develops a testimony and isn't just doing it for fun, or for his friends.

We had a great lesson with Hannah again this week, she is progressing well towards baptism. Her mom even came to church with her again this week! I guess she just enjoyed it two weeks ago when she came to hear Hannah speak and decided she wanted to come again, so that was pretty sweet! It is still pretty tough for Hannah doing this all alone in her family, but luckily she has some great support from the ward. She is super close with a few of the YW, who have been solid fellow-shippers for Hannah and have been at every lesson we have. We brought a member named Sister Steel to our lesson this week, because Sister Steel joined the church in a very similar situation to Hannah's. She was introduced by friends as a teenager, started coming to church with them and was eventually baptized as the only member of her family. It was great to have Sister Steel there with us because Hannah can relate really well to her and they were just able to talk about the struggles that Hannah is having and how she can continue to press forward with this. The Groton ward has been amazing with Hannah though, she has sooo many connections and support networks here that it shouldn't be a problem at all. Thank goodness for the wonderful members of our ward, they just do an amazing job with the people that we teach.

Saturday the Assistants to President came and went on exchanges with us and we had a super fun/ busy day with them. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened though! Sunday was our ward primary program, and the kids just killed it as always. The primary program is always good for a few laughs. But seriously, little kids are the best missionaries. We had like 11 non members and a handful of less actives show up to come and see the little kids sing and what not. I think we definitely underestimate the power of a little kid doing missionary work. I mean who can say no to a cute little 5 year old inviting them to church? They might be our new secret weapon haha. But now it is time to start preparing for General Conference. We are super stoked about it and so is the ward which is pretty exciting. Lots of members are out inviting their non member friends and family to come watch the sessions with them, it is gonna be a party! But conference isn't just for entertainment of course. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to hear from living day prophets and apostles, and it has the chance to be a pretty powerful experience. The biggest thing we can do to make it a good experience is to actually prepare ourselves for the messages that will be shared. Think of your struggles you are having right now, questions you might have, direction you might need, and come to conference with these questions in your hearts, on your minds and in your prayers. I can promise you that something said at conference will directly answer whatever it may be that you are searching for. So give it a shot! I love ya all, have a great week and enjoy General Conference!!!!

**If you would like to listen to a living prophet, please join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints around the world on Saturday and Sunday.  Sessions start Saturday at 10 am MT and 2 pm MT as well as Sunday at 10 am MT and 2 pm MT.  You can watch or listen by following this link:  or

 Brother Maynard sighting!
Just looking like a nerd on my bike!
 Me and Elder Hunter.  He is a good egg I tell ya!  One of MBM's finest!
 Don't gamble kids.  It is of the devil.

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