Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Is Good

Hey we didn't get to email yesterday because the libraries were shut down for the holiday, and I don't have much time today so this will be quick! Life is good in Groton though, the work is picking up quite a bit the past few weeks.

We started teaching a few new people this week. One is a guy named Bob, we have been trying to catch this guy for ages. He is the nephew of a member of our ward who lives here in Groton at this members home. Bob was actually baptized into the Reformed LDS church way  back in the day, don't hear of that too often! But we have had some pretty good visits with Bob in passing and he has shown some interest in meeting with us but we could never catch him and have a legit lesson. Well it finally happened this week and he is a pretty cool guy. He has been through quite a bit in life, battled alcoholism, drug addictions, etc. for pretty much his whole life. He is a Vietnam veteran, lots of cool stories and what not. Bob has made some pretty big changes in his life in the past year or two, and he really just wants to strengthen his relationship with Christ because he knows that is the only way he can stay strong and stay out of trouble...so we told him we could help with that. We had a nice lesson on humbly coming to the Savior and recognizing our dependence upon Him, and Bob was loving it. He asked us for some chapters from the Book of Mormon to read, and we are going backtonight to follow up and see what he learned.

The other lady we started teaching is named Joann. Joann is like a 70 year old woman who lives by herself and is pretty lonely. About 3 months ago we were visiting a member of our ward who was like "Hey I have this friend named Joann, you guys should stop by and see how she is doing, try teaching her a lesson or two."  So we got the address and have tried stopping by this ladies house at least 10 times, and we have had zero luck. We gave it another shot this week and Joann was finally home! It was pretty funny actually haha I knocked on her door and it wasn't shut all the way so it went flying open and Joann was standing there and looked pretty startled! It was a little awkward, so I panicked and said sorry and pulled the door shut, which made it even more awkward haha. Anyways, she came and opened the door and said "come in, come in!" and all was well. We had a good get to know you visit and she said she would love to have us come back and teach her about our church. She grew up in Blackfoot Idaho and knew a lot of Mormons, and she was always impressed with how kind all of us are. We are pretty stoked to be teaching a little old lady, they are always pretty entertaining. 

On Saturday we had interviews with President Packard, we all look forward to interviews. President sits down with us and lets us ask any questions that we want, and we just have a nice chat. While President does interviews the Assistants to President give us a training, this time it was on how to have effective lessons with members and help them in their missionary work. Good stuff.

Monday morning we had to get up super early to take a trip to the temple up in Boston. It was a pretty special day where all Recent Converts in the entire mission were invited to come and do baptisms for the dead. We were able to take Rob to the temple for his very first time, and he had a great experience. He was baptized for his grandfather, and he said it was a pretty amazing feeling when he came up out of the water. On the ride home we were talking about his experience and he said "That was just a sample, I can't wait until I can come back in a year and get my endowment." It was a great experience for him and for many other recent converts from the mission. Gotta go, love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Pulsipher

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