Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Goodbye Waterford!

This week we had our mini-missionary, Isaac, here with us for the entire week. He is preparing to serve a mission of his own and I guess this was kind of a trial run to see if he could handle it. Lets just say it was an interesting week. We have enjoyed some quiet time today haha. But it was great to have him here with us and to introduce him to the mission life. He is a good kid, hopefully he will get out on a mission of his own sometime soon.

Tuesday I was up in Newport, RI on exchanges with Elder Crezee. He is a SUPER funny guy, he had me laughing all day long. We were able to go teach their investigator Angelina and help prepare her for her baptism, she was baptized on Saturday and it sounds like it went really well. Elder Crezee actually has some hidden talents that he showed us this week. At our District Meeting on Thursday he showed us this song he had written that was kind of about his testimony and experience of the Gospel. It was like a gospel rap song that he played on the piano and sang/rapped.....it sounds crazy but it was actually dang good! We were impressed, so be looking for that on youtube, it will go big someday. Anyways, we had a nice exchange and I really enjoyed spending some time on the island out there.

Wednesday we had a zone meeting that we put on to try and get our zone pumped up about extending more baptismal dates and achieving our monthly goals and what not. To save miles we did this meeting online though. We had like a little online webconference with all the missionaries in our zone. It was really different than being in person, but it actually went pretty well. I think a lot more meetings like this one will be online here in the future. Definitely saves a lot of time and money. Speaking of technology, we are finally getting our iPads, but they wont be here until January. But they are coming finally!

Sooo transfer texts came in late Friday night and I found out I am being transferred to the Lynnfield Massachusetts ward! It is a super cool area and is right outside of Boston, I am really excited. My ward covers the cities of Peabody, Lynnfield, Beverly, Reading and Salem Massachusetts. I hear that Salem (home of the witch trials) gets pretty crazy on Halloween so that should be entertaining. I will still be a Zone Leader up there, covering the Cambridge North Zone. I am actually replacing Elder Calvert, my MTC companion. My new companion is Elder MacJanet, he is from Canada and is a really cool guy! And Elder Slade, my roommate down in Waterbury for 6 months is replacing me here in Groton so at least I know this area will be in good hands! I am really looking forward to the new people and experiences that are ahead of me, it should definitely be an adventure. I will miss Groton that is for sure. Once I found out I was leaving, I realized how much I have grown to love the ward and the people here. It has been a great place to serve. I started my round of goodbyes yesterday after church, but there are still a lot more to come the next few days. Transfer meeting will be Wednesday evening up in Boston. Here are a few of the goodbyes I have already gotten over with though!

This is the Boykin family.  Justin is not a member of the church, and we had tons of lessons here over the 6 months her in Groton.  He attends church with us every week and fulfills his calling in scouts faithfully, he is pretty much a Mormon but just hasn't been baptized.  He will for sure someday though, just gotta give it time. These guys are hilarious, we loved going over to their home.  They had us over for dinner many times which I was very grateful for.  They are from Texas and proud of it, so of course we had to take the picture by the Texas sign.
 Brother and Sister Adams are two of the sweetest people I know.  Holy cow these two are truly saints.  They do so much to help out those around them.  They have both had very difficult lives, it hasn't been easy for them.  They both have extraordinary conversion stories, it is just incredible the steps they have taken to have the Gospel in their lives.  They are just the best.  And to top things off Sister Adams is an absolutely amazing cook, wow she can throw it down in the kitchen!  And Brother Adams is an expert bread maker and has been making us a loaf of home made bread each week for the past little while.  I was able to have one final meal at their home last night, and it was delicious as always.  Like I said, these two are saints!
 Ethan!!! It was pretty much a miracle, but Ethan came back to Groton to visit this weekend, and it just happened to be my last weekend here.  Pretty good timing! It was soo good to see Ethan and hear about how he has been doing.  He is living out in the Phoenix area and is loving it out there.  He is dating the girl that introduced him to the church, and they are already thinking about getting married some day. He made it sound like there may be a wedding happening next summer if all goes as planned.  That would definitely be a road trip I would have to take.  He is loving the church out there, he is in a YSA ward and is loving being a member of the church.  It was a nice surprise to have him here this weekend!
 And our mini missionary Isaac right before his mother came to pick him up.  Good kid.
 Goodbye to half of our zone, the Narragansett District.
 Sorry the lighting is horrible in this picture, didn't realize it was that bad until we had left.  This is good old Rob Adams, he was baptized here back in July.  He is doing fantastic right now!  He has gotten adjusted to the member life and being a part of the ward so well.  It seems like he has been a member for a LOT longer than 3 months.  He is meeting with Bishop Kitley right now to help prepare him to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood sometime in the near future.  He is really looking forward to going to the temple next summer and receiving his endowments.  Rob is an awesome guy, and I know he will continue to progress spiritually and achieve many great things.
 And here are the Savea's.  Bro Savea is our Ward Mission Leader, so we have spent lots and lots of time together.  Many correlation meetings at their home, and of course Sister Savea always fed us wonderful Filipino food after our meetings.  Brother Savea came out teaching with us a lot also.  Their two cute little kids are lots of fun, they love for us to play with them while dinner is cooking.  Just another wonderful family who sacrifices so much for the sake of the Church and the gospel.
 Goodbye to the other district in Waterford!

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