Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life Is Good - Feeling Blessed

Life is good in Lynnfield, and in the MBM. I told you all about the goal of 70 baptisms for November right? Well we are making some great progress towards that! We have baptized 39 people so far this month, which is already incredible! But for the next 2 weeks we have 88 scheduled baptisms, so we are really excited about things and working hard to finally achieving this goal. It has been a month of miracles, Heavenly Father is just allowing some incredible things to happen all throughout our mission. It has been a testimony builder to see Heavenly Father grant us the blessings and miracles according to our faith this month. We haven't made it to our goal yet, but it is looking really good! But definitely keep praying for us that we can make it. We actually have Elder Holland of the 12 Apostles and Elder Lawrence from the 70 praying for us daily to achieve this goal as well, which is pretty cool right?

We really hit it hard this week in our efforts of trying to find new investigators. We were hunting down former investigators, potentials, and all sorts of other people to try and find some more people to teach! We really didn't see a whole lot of success come from those efforts, but of course the Lord still blessed us for our hard work. We do a weekly service at a farmers market in downtown Salem, and we were walking to that and saw a woman who was kind of looking at us funny. We stopped and began talking to her, and we discovered that she was actually baptized as a member of our church like 20 years ago in The Congo. She moved here and hasn't really tried to find the church here, but said she would be interested in coming back to it! We got her info and everything from her, and then she went on to tell us that she lives with a lot of her family here who are not members of the church. We asked if we could meet with them as well, and she said sure! So hopefully things work out there and we can start teaching them.

Then another night we were driving to an appointment and I was calling this long list of people who had contact with the missionaries in the past. I kept getting no after no, some people were rude, some people just hung up and it was getting pretty frustrating really. About 10 minutes later, we got a call from some random number. It was a man named Geline, who we had never met before. He told us that he met with missionaries about a year ago, and that he would be interested in doing it again! So we have an appointment set up with him for later this week. So after making all of those calls and getting rejected some random guy calls us and asks to meet. That never happens haha.

Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges with the Revere Elders, and I went to Revere for the day. The Elders there don't have a car, so we spent the day on the T....and walking.... a lot. Of course it was like the coldest day of the year so far but what can ya do. It was a lot of fun still, especially riding the T. We always meet sooo many people on the T, and usually have a lot of great conversations. It is nice because the people riding with you are kind of stuck there, they can't really go anywhere until they get to their stop, so it at least gives us a minute or so to talk to them. We actually met this one guy Saturday. I was just talking to this guy next to me about the gospel and he was kinda crazy and it wasn't really going anywhere, but then some guy came up to me and was like hey I heard you guys talking about the gospel and I would love to hear what you have to say. I was like "sure man sit on down!" Haha so we talked a little bit and then we actually got off the T and had a lesson with this guy. We just sat down at the stop and taught the entire Restoration, and it went really well. This guy was actually a baptist preacher/school teacher...not really sure what he was but he knew A LOT about the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible, we had a nice conversation really. He agreed to meet more with the Revere Elders, so hopefully he will embrace the truthfulness of the gospel!

Our interviews were yesterday with President Packard, and they went great! Elder MacJanet and I actually had to give trainings to the missionaries the entire time while President was interviewing the zone. Interviews went from like 9 in the morning to 5 at night, so yeah that was a really long training we had to do. It was fun though! We trained on a few teaching skills from Preach My Gospel and then practiced a lot! President brought a few iPads for us, and we filmed all of the companionships teaching the Restoration, and then we would go back and watch it and critique it and see what they could improve on. It was kind of weird watching yourself teach, but it was super helpful to see and hear it ourselves. I feel like we all learned a lot and were able to identify some things that we could improve on!

But yeah, life is good. It is starting to get a little chilly here, but that is New England for ya. This work is great, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life right now. Have a great week!!

Had to take this one for Uncle Stanley! We stumbled across the brand new Harley store they are building here in Boston as we were walking home one night!
 Heading to the T station in Revere.

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