Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Settling In To Lynnfield

The Lynnfield ward is super nice place to be serving, I have loved my first few weeks here, and things were a little more calm this week and so I was finally able to spend a lot of time in the area and getting to know all of our people here. The ward is a pretty big family ward, and everyone is really close to each other. They treat us great as well, everyone is watching out for us and giving us lots and lots of food. The work seems to be heading in the right direction here as well, it isn't super busy or anything right now, but I think it will be soon!

Everyone keeps asking about the people we are working with so I will tell ya little bit about some of them! Our most promising investigator is a woman named Sister Clemente...we don't know her first name haha. Sister Clemente is the mother of a member who lives in our ward boundaries. Clemente lives in Brazil but is here hanging out for a while, and has been coming to church with her son every week. She loves the church and everything about it, and we are planning on inviting her to be baptized at our lesson this week! She has expressed an interest in being baptized, so we fill pretty good about it. She is going back to Brazil in December though, so we have to act fast! So keep her in your prayers, hopefully she accepts! The thing is she doesn't speak any English at all, sooo I haven't really been able to help much in the lessons. My companion Elder MacJanet is actually a Portuguese missionary, so he does all of the teaching with her. I just sit there and eat delicious Brazilian food while they have a lesson, it is a pretty nice set up.

We are also working with a young man named Deonte, he is 13 and is from Haiti. It is a super long story of how we met Deonte, but his mom used to work for a member of our ward and yeah that is where the connection was made. Deonte's mom is Catholic and isn't really interested in the church, but Deonte loves having us over and learning more about the Gospel. He comes to mutual every Tuesday evening, but his church attendance is a little spotty. He has only came a few times, I think it is just because he is lazy. For a 13 year old though, he shows a ton of interest in the lessons and he always asks really good questions, so there is definitely some potential. He doesn't have a father figure at all, and so it is good for us to spend some time with him. Once a week we usually go over and play basketball or football for like 20 minutes with him and then have a lesson. He is a good kid, we just need to get him to church more regularly and then hopefully baptize him!

There is also a lady named Mary Norton, I guess you could call her an eternigator. She has been investigating for quite a while now. She has been a devout Catholic her entire life (she is like 70 probably) but then like a year and a half ago she met a member of our church at the YMCA swimming pool. This member is Sister Hanh, she is an incredible member missionary and practically invites everyone she meets to come to church and learn more, she is awesome. Anyways once Mary met Sister Hahn she started coming to our church every Sunday and meeting with the missionaries. Mary believes the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, she has a testimony of Joseph Smith, she absolutely loves everything about the church. She has been invited to baptism a few times but every time she just says she isn't ready to give up her Catholic beliefs. Ah man pretty frustrating. Mary got up and bore her testimony in church yesterday and I decided I need to help this woman get baptized. It is going to be a struggle, but we will see what we can do!

I just have to tell ya about Frankie. Frank was baptized about 3 months ago while Elder Calvert was serving here. Frank is like 80 years old, who just happens to love us missionaries. Franks wife and daughter passed away like 3 years ago and he is still having a tough time with that, and he is just super lonely. We visit Frank twice a week and we are pretty much the closest thing he has to a family. He calls himself Father Lehi, and then has named us missionaries a few names from Lehis family. Elder Calvert and his companion were Nephi and Sam, now Elder MacJanet and I are Laman and Lemuel (but he just calls us Double L because he can't pronounce their names). Frank is just quite the man really. We love to joke around with him, he loves to joke around with us, haha I can't even describe Frankie to you guys. He somehow embraced the Gospel and loves us missionaries and the church now. Frank is the best haha I love the man!

There are a lot of exciting things happening in our mission and in the Lynnfield ward. When Elder Calvert was here the missionaries started a basketball clinic every Tuesday night. We open up the gym and invite everyone to come and do some basketball drills and stuff with us, and it is starting to pay off. We had 6 non member kids come and play basketball with us this past Tuesday. Most of the kids came from this huuuuge family named the Hortons. I think I told you about them, it is a family of 10 non members, they came to the trunk or treat a few weeks ago. Anyways, our great member missionary Sister Hahn found this family too, and we have high hopes for them. A 16 year old girl from our ward had her sweet 16 party at the church this past Saturday, and they asked us to set up a table with free supplies like Book of Mormon, Bibles, DVDs and pamphlets and stuff. They were super stoked because after the party a decent amount of the things had been taken. One friend from the party is now going to start coming to church with them on Sundays too, so good things are happening!

Love you all, have a great week!!!

Hannah's Baptism!

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