Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Spirit All Year Long

This week was super busy, we had a lot going on every day it seemed like. Lots of work getting done and lots of fun being had! Monday our zone went into Boston for our last pday together before a few of us got transferred around. We all met at the Boston Aquarium and spent most of the day there. We actually all got in for free, thanks to this guy named Jack. Jack is a detective for the Boston Police department, and is like the missionaries best friend. He isn't a member of the church, but he really likes what we as missionaries do. So he is always hooking missionaries in Boston up with free tickets to stuff, groceries, dinner, anything we need really. He is a super nice guy and would give us the shirt off his back if we needed it. So he took us all to the Boston Aquarium and then showed us around Boston a little bit as well. The aquarium was pretty sweet, they had a petting tank with stingrays and sharks inside, so that was pretty sweet petting a shark! Then Jack took us to some local mexican restaurant in Boston and got us some delicious empenadas, I have no idea how to spell that though. It was a really fun pday, shout out to Jack for hooking us up! That guy is a stud!

Tuesday and Wednesday we made the rounds to the ward and Elder MacJanet said all of his goodbyes. Our friend Joe took us to this Irish Pub for dinner that was pretty darn good! Joe is a really cool guy, we like hanging out with Joe! Last night Joe came with us to a members home and watched the Christmas Devotional with us. The Devotional was great, definitely inspired me to be a little better and offer Christlike service whenever I get the chance this Christmas season. But also to try and carry the Christmas spirit all throughout the year. We should always be looking for ways to serve and sacrifice to benefit those around us. But it is always nice during the Christmas season when everyone is a little nicer and a little more giving. We have been spreading the He is the Gift message like crazy the past few weeks. It has gone super well and everyone seems to really like it! We have gotten rejected quite a few times on the streets with these cards though. We go to hand it to people and say Merry Christmas and they look at us and say "no" or ignore us and a few have said "I don't want that crap". They didn't say crap though...haha but hey that is fine. They can be scrooges by themselves this Christmas.

Wednesday night we went to the Boston Stake Center for our transfer meeting. Holy cow there was 35 missionaries going home, and they all shared their final testimonies in the mission. Most of the people going home were the Sisters that came out with Elder Calvert and me. It was pretty weird to see them heading home already. Transfer meeting was super good though and I even got to see the Schriver family there which was pretty cool. Elder Boone was finishing his mission as well so they came to see his final testimony and say goodbye. But it was a nice meeting, and Elder Bradley and I headed back to Lynnfield at the end of the night ready to start our new journey together!

The rest of the week was super good. We had a lesson with this investigator named Chris, it didn't go so hot. We had planned on inviting her to be baptized, and so we had this awesome lesson planned to do it and we were ready to go. But then we sit down for the lesson and it was like she knew it was coming because we hadn't mentioned anything and she just went off on this huge rant about how she will probably never join the Mormon church and that there are all these things she disagrees with and that she enjoys our visits but that is probably as far as it is going to go. I was like "dang"....but I figured we had nothing to lose at this point and so we went ahead with the lesson and invited her to be baptized anyways. She said no...pretty quickly haha. But I was convinced that was the lesson Heavenly Father wanted us to have and so maybe He was just testing us to see if we were willing to put ourselves out there and follow the Spirit even if it isn't something we want to do. I'm not sure, it was a long shot anyways haha.

Friday night our zone went Christmas caroling out in Salem. A member of our ward is in charge of this event called "Christmas in Salem". It is pretty much like a home show where they select a certain number of the really old historic homes in Salem that have been preserved, and then they decorate them to look like they did back in the day. Anyways, we were asked to go caroling to those who were walking up and down the street from house to house, and those waiting in line. We probably sounded awful, but it was still a lot of fun. Tons of people were stopping and talking to us and asking us questions. We gave out a ton of He is the Gift cards there that night! And we even got free tickets to the home tour and we were able to go through the houses at the end of the night. We finished off the night like a classic New Englander and headed to Dunkin Donuts. Except we all got hot chocolate, but hey we are just trying to fit in out here. We do our best. This week is going to be another super busy one! Love you all and be sure to remember to #ShareTheGift

Giant Christmas tree in Boston, right outside of Quincy Market.

Christmas caroling in historic downtown Salem.
Dueces to Elder MacJanet...our time together was too short!
 Joe took us out to dinner one last time before MacJanet left.  Joe is the man!  "Coolest non-Mormon north of Boston!"
 Little penguin action at the Boston Aquarium.
 Petting stingrays and a few sharks...cross that one off the bucket list!!

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