Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

So the computers here at the library are having some issues today, the internet keeps coming and going. So sorry if this is a short one! Plus I will be skyping you guys in like 3 days so I can just tell  you everything then! But anyways, this week was crazy busy and was a lot of fun. Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Revere Elders, I stayed in Lynnfield and Elder Anderson came with me. He has only been out on his mission a few weeks, but he is a solid missionary! We had a super busy day, and a lot of good things happened. We invited two of our investigators to be baptized but neither of them said yes. The first was Geline, the guy from Haiti. He told us he isn't interested in joining our church this soon but that if God manifests to him and tells him he needs to be baptized then he will do it. So he didn't say yes but he didn't totally say no.... So now we just need to help him learn how to pray and get answers and we should be golden. Then the other guy we invited was Jerry. Jerry is the boyfriend of one of our members, and she desperately wants Jerry to join the church. So she invites us over once a week to feed us and have us teach Jerry. He very politely said no because he is super Catholic and has been his entire life, and feels like he would be giving up a piece of himself if he converted. I can understand, I guess it would be like someone coming and asking me to leave the Mormon church. Jerry will come along and join us one day, he wants us to keep coming and teaching him so that is good at least.

Friday we had our Christmas Conference/party for the mission. We got up super early and went to the temple first thing in the morning to do a session. It was great to go to the temple and take some time to think and relax, gotta love the temple! Then we went and grabbed a quick lunch in Boston, and went back to the chapel next to the temple for our Christmas conference. There was an awesome musical fireside that a bunch of missionaries put on, we have some talented musicians here! It was awesome, and then President Clayton Christensen spoke to us. If you don't know who he should look him up. This guy is incredible, and he is a counselor to our mission president so we are super lucky to have him spend so much time with us. His time is verrry valuable haha people spend thousands of dollars just to talk to him for an hour, and we get it for free! He talked to us about all sorts of things, but the best part was him telling us how he became truly converted to the gospel and became consecrated to building the Kingdom of God. It was a pretty remarkable story, I wish I could share it all with you guys. After the conference then we all had a big Christmas dinner together at the chapel, and then had our little Christmas party. Each zone had to make a little film to show the rest of the mission, nothing related to Christmas just something fun to do. Elder Bradley and I had to take the lead in getting ours done and it was quite a bit of work, but it turned out pretty good. We had everyone laughing pretty good. I will try and send you guys a link.

Sunday was a busy day as always. For some reason we ended up with 3 dinner appointments yesterday, and it was pretty brutal but we managed to get through it. It was a loooot of food though. Sunday night we also went to an Episcopalian church Christmas service, which was pretty interesting haha. That was really my first time going to a legit service of another church. Our friend Joe invited us to come with him, he had a part in the program. It was pretty interesting to see how they worship and what not. There were a lot of nice people there and they were pretty welcoming and everything. They had a wine and cheese reception at the church afterwards, we didn't stick around for that haha. It was a fun experience...I think I will stick with the Mormon church though! Alright love ya all, and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Oh ya know, just chillin' by our Christmas tree!
This is what our fridge looks like, just loaded with gatorade and vitamin water.  A member of the ward, Brother Spring, hooks us up with drinks allll the time.  So we definitely aren't going thirsty in Lynnfield!

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