Monday, December 1, 2014

November to Remember

This week flew by, and so did this transfer! I can't believe I have already spent an entire transfer in the Lynnfield ward. So transfer texts came in Saturday night and unfortunately Elder MacJanet is leaving Lynnfield to go down to the Southcoast ward. Our 6 weeks together flew by, but I definitely enjoyed our time together! Lots of good memories and he has helped me get my lazy butt to the gym in the mornings so that has been a nice bonus this transfer haha. But my new companion is Elder Bradley, he is a super cool guy and I know him pretty well already. He was in my zone while I was in Groton and we spent a lot of time together. He only has 12 weeks left in the mission, but I am really looking forward to serving with him! Transfer meeting will be Wednesday night in Boston. Quite a few transfers took place in our zone also, we are losing all of our sisters. Our zone will be all Elders this transfer which is pretty crazy! The next few days will be pretty busy with Elder MacJanet saying his goodbyes to everyone!

Like I have been telling you guys, our mission set a goal to get 70 baptisms in the month of November. Well we finished the month with exactly 100 baptisms! We hit triple digits! Holy cow it is definitely nothing short of a miracle that we were able to baptize 100 people this past month. It is a super exciting time in our mission and we are hoping to keep this ball rolling. The Lord has just been waiting on us this entire time. We were always capable of seeing this type of success in our mission, but we didn't really believe we could do it. This month was pretty special, throughout our entire mission each missionary made a personal sacrifice to show the Lord how badly we wanted to achieve our goal. I decided to sacrifice sleep and was waking up at 6 every morning to have extra time to study from the Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father recognized all of our sacrifices and blessed us immensely. I saw a lot of personal blessings through this sacrifice as well. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has actually grown a lot as I have spent the extra time reading it each morning. It has just been a great month all around. We definitely have a lot to be thankful for during this special month of November. We have been using the hashtag #NovembertoRemember in all of our texts about the goal and stuff, and it definitely is a month we all will remember.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Lynnfield. We got hit pretty hard with a snow/ice storm the night before Thanksgiving, so it was looking like it was going to be pretty nasty. But it cleared up during the night and it was a pretty decent day for Thanksgiving. Elder MacJanet and I got up and went to our ward's annual Turkey Bowl. Every Thanksgiving the men from the ward get together at a local high school and play football for a few hours. The field was covered in snow, so that made for a pretty interesting game of football. We were slipping and sliding all over the place. It was super fun though and it was a great way to start Thanksgiving! Dang we were sure sore in the morning though. For Thanksgiving the Robertson family invited us over to their family Thanksgiving celebrations. They invited us, as well as Frank and Andrea, the two newest members of the Lynnfield Ward. Sister Robertson prepared a wonderful meal for us, with lots of great pies as well. It was super kind of them to allow us to be a part of their family celebration.

We are hitting up the Boston Aquarium today for pday so we have to get heading out now. Sorry for the short email, but I love you guys and have a great week!!!!

Zone and District right before transfer texts came in!

 Cruising to Thanksgiving dinner with Father Lehi.

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