Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another 6 Weeks in Lynnfield!

Transfers came in Saturday night and I am staying here in Lynnfield with Elder Bradley!!! Elder Bradley will be heading home in 6 weeks so I get to send him home with a bang hopefully. That means I will be in Lynnfield for a while longer, which I am pretty excited about. I love this place, it is super nice and the ward is great. The work is really starting to pick up here as well, which is pretty exciting.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Cambridge Portuguese Elders. I stayed in Lynnfield and Elder Araujo came here with me. We had an awesome day out working together and talking with each other. We stopped at an address that we received as a Media Referral, a woman named Pamela had ordered a Bible from mormon.org. We delivered the Bible and threw in a free Book of Mormon while we were at it, and we actually had a really cool conversation with this lady at her doorstep. She is very active in a Pentacostal church, but she was very open to hearing what we had to say. We shared a very brief message of the Restoration with her and then we all shared our testimonies of the Savior, she was very appreciative of our message. She agreed to have us come back over to share more of our beliefs with her, and so we will be going there on Tuesday!

We had another awesome lesson with Patrick this week and he is doing super well. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he was soaking it up and asking really good questions. I love how the Plan of Salvation just seems to always answer questions that people have had for their entire lives. We are really blessed to know our purpose here in life and where we are going afterwards, I think we often take it for granted. Anyways, the lesson went reaal nice and we invited Patrick to be baptized on February 22 and he said sure! He came to church this Sunday for the first time and had a great experience, and on Thursday we are having dinner with him at a members home. He is progressing really quickly, things are going great!

Friday we went out with a member to go visit some of his home teaching famlies, and we went to one home where the member had moved. The new lady that lived there was not interested in hearing more about the Gospel, and so we offered service. She said nooo, but then mentioned her neighbor is an older guy and might need some help. So we went over there and we met just the sweetest old guy in the world named Al. This guy is gonna be my new best friend. Most old people out here are just grumpy old New Englanders who don't want to talk to anyone, but Al is just a super nice guy. We offered service, he said he would really appreciate it and then he said he would like to sit down and visit with us sometime as well! So we shoveled his driveway the next morning but he was out and about, so hopefully this week we will be able to go back and visit with Al. I want Al to be baptized haha that would make my life.

This week we had our Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday and then a special Zone Conference on Friday. They were both focused on this new goal we have set as a mission to average 70 baptisms a month over the next 6 months. It is a lofty goal, and so we came together this week to figure out what we need to do as a mission to reach this goal. We came up with a few big things we are going to start doing as a mission. First and foremost is we are going to be striving to be exactly obedient in following the white handbook. President Packard has never really been one to preach obedience to us, he just expects us to be obedient. But now more than ever we need the blessings that come from exact obedience in order to meet this goal. Sooo no more disobedience!

Each missionary is also going to make a personal sacrifice, to show the Lord how badly we want to achieve this goal. We all were asked to figure out what is holding us back the most from being a truly consecrated disciple of Jesus Christ. A lot of us are making pretty big sacrifices and giving up things that we have been holding on to, but we are all in for this goal. I don't know if that really makes sense, it is hard to describe what is happening in our mission right now. It is just something really special that we are a part of here!

I love ya all, have a greeeaat week!

The Brozone at our final zone meeting before transfers.  Our friend Stephen joined us too, he is pretty great!  Our zone is on fire right now, lots of awesome things are happening all over.  We just had 3 baptisms yesterday, and we have 8 more baptismal dates set for the next month or so.  For the Cambridge North zone, that is a pretty big deal!  The Lord is blessing us like crazy!
 Our welcome sign to our brunch Saturday morning....people are just way to nice to us!

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