Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baptisms At The Temple

Wow we had a NICE week this week! Lots of good stuff happening here in Lynnfield. On Tuesday we had a temple trip with a few of our Recent Converts from the ward, not all were able to make it but we still had an awesome experience. We went with Frank and then met Andrea there, as well as the other missionaries that have passed through the Lynnfield Ward like Elder Calvert and MacJanet. Andrea asked me to be baptized for her uncle, and it was a pretty cool experience to be able to do that for her! The other missionaries were baptized for her father, grandfather, and grandmother as well! Then I had Frank get baptized for one of my ancestors that I found on a while ago. It was a really special night in the baptistry, it all went really well! Our mission had a goal to get 100 recent converts to the temple to do baptisms for family names in December, and we ended up having 107 go this month which is pretty incredible!

Tuesday we also started teaching a new investigator named Patrick and this guy is incredible! He went on a business trip out to SLC a few months ago and had some extra time and toured around Temple Square. He felt something he has never felt before, and was drawn towards learning more about the church. He has since read the entire Book of Mormon, and is super interested in learning more and investigating the church. He has been studying a lot on his own and he knows quite a bit about the church and its teachings. He understands everything and knows all the facts, now he just needs to dive into the spiritual side of things. We had the first lesson Tuesday and we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how we can receive a spiritual witness that is the word of God, and how that witness can be a bedrock to our testimonies. It was a great lesson and he seems super excited to keep learning more. We are super stoked about meeting him and seeing where things go from here.

On New Years Eve we didn't do much at all! We had to be home by 6 PM, sooo yeah. We grabbed some McDonalds and went home. We went and played a little basketball at our apartment complex court, went home and listened to a few talks and went to bed at 1030 like every other night! Haha we are quite the party animals.

On Thursday my man Elder Calvert came to town and came on exchanges with Elder Bradley and me. We had a super solid day and got a lot of work done! We actually picked up a new baptismal date on Thursday. We had an appointment with this less active member who just called us and said he wanted to come back to the church, his name is Joseph. When I talked to him on the phone earlier in the week, he told me he has a girlfriend who is Jehovah Witness and so I asked him to invite her to join us for our lesson on Thursday. We showed up and she was there and we just threw down the Restoration and invited her to be baptized in February if she comes to know these things are true....and she said yes! Her name is Amanda, she has a long ways to go and a lot of things need to happen for her to be ready for this day but she can make it!

Friday and Saturday we hit the road and did some exchanges, I went into the Spanish programs for two days. Friday I went to the Lynn Spanish Branch and then Saturday the Revere 1 Spanish Ward. I don't think I was much help because in most of the lessons I just sat there and smiled and nodded my head. Two years of high school spanish doesn't go too far in the real world haha but I am able to at least follow along and know what they are talking about...kind of. I had a lot of fun though, Spanish people are just so loving and friendly to us missionaries, it is great! It was pretty darn cold walking through the streets of East Boston and Chelsea on Saturday, but we survived! So yeah, it was a nice week! I love ya all! Byeee

Temple trip with Andrea.  The Cambridge Sisters, Andrea, and Elder MacJanet and Me.
Our boy Frankie at the temple.
 Boston Temple.
Glamour shot!
 Me and Elder was freeeezing!

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